Korrupt – Free The Followers Mixtape; Spectrum Podcast #20


The 20th podcast in our series is a very special one from mixing maestro, fellow hombre and FatKidOnFire resident; Korrupt.

“A celebratory mix for reaching 2,000 followers on my SoundCloud account, much love to everybody supporting what I love to do. Massive shouts to all the producers featured, and of course the Spectrum family! Don’t forget to support our first FKOF digital release, which is out exclusively on JunoDownload already!”

Korrupt has been someone I personally have kept a close eye on for a long time; as a blog writer and as a DJ. His mixing skills are almost mechanical as he slides tracks into each other, a lot like a knife through butter and his track selection is always unpredictable, yet top drawer. For the blog, he has always brought some of the best free downloads from some of the top producers around, with his write ups and reviews delivering an interesting perspective to music, involving all the technicalities in depth..

In relation to the release, it’s certainly a milestone for the entire FatKidOnFire family and shows clear signs of how much they’ve grown since their start 3 and a half years ago. With this release and their earlier debut compilation album ‘Unknown01’, they are bound to continue poaching some of the best music out there, strictly for your satisfaction.

As individuals and as a collective, they have always been an inspiration, giving me knowledge of the scene, industry and a shed load of unknown artists, who I may have not found otherwise. So I salute Korrupt for this wicked mix and of course Wil Benton alongside the rest of the FatKidOnFire family for constantly setting the bench mark higher for the rest to follow.

Distance – Loosen My Grip [Chestplate UK]
B1t Crunch3r & Press – Omega (Deafblind & Mesck Remix)
Stella – Lunar Landing [Dub]
Nixsin – Start Transmitting [Dub]
Dubfreq – Next To Me [FKOF Digital]
Rufus! – This Tune [Dub]
Argo – Red [Dub]
Commit – Everything Breaths [Dub]
Kaiju – Ice [Dub]
Pythius – Prometheus [Dub]
Hidden Knowledge – Babylon System [Dub]
Darj – Ka’andirah [Dub]
CjBroad – Eventually [Foundation Audio]
Baku – Sinshi [Dub]
VGB & Shiken – Samurai Movement [Dub]
DubApes – The City [Dub]
Asylum – Zero Gravity [Forthcoming Uprise Audio]
D-Operation Drop – Slammer (Sparxy Remix) [Dub]
Feonix ft. Kaya – Eon Eyes [Dub]
Kaiju – Fall Guy [Fabric Free Download]
Rufus! – Control The Sound (Khafu Remix) [Dub]
D-Operation Drop – Chainsaw [Dub]
Subver5ion – Heist (Camelorg Remix) [Dub]

Soundcloud – http://www.soundcloud.com/korrupt
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/korruptsounds

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/FatKidOnFire
Soundcloud – http://www.soundcloud.com/FatKidOnFire
Website – http://www.fatkidonfire.com

Written by Drew Jones


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