Tessela – Nancy’s Pantry (RS1313)

Nancy's Pantry

Tessela has been making plenty of waves in the scene this past year; Hackney Parrot is all I need to say to qualify that. His intense brand of ‘I don’t know what it’s supposed to be called’ nods heavily to 90s jungle and hardcore whilst bringing in more up to date techno stylings.

The stark contrast between the mutated amen breaks and the empty space in the intro to ‘Nancy’s Pantry’ is breath taking. When the beat properly drops though, there’s no empty space to be found in this all out onslaught of rolling drums and detuned synths. It’s a difficult thing to make a track a track this experimental that still hits hard but yet again, Tessela is successful in this department.

‘Horizon’ presents an intro of bleeps and beats with rising chords in what seems like a turn to the more conventional. As the chords reach a crescendo however the song rapidly returns true to Tessela’s sound; plenty of distorted drums and bizarre driving bass lines. When the chords from the intro are brought back in the song evolves in to a peak time, 90s raving extravaganza.

The pulsing hats and the slabs of bass offered up in ‘Gateway’ are mesmerising and reinforce Tessela’s sound palette, with an uplifting vocal sample layered behind all of the twisted percussive work. He is a master of taking these elements that were so key to the euphoric nature of his inspiration and warping them into his own twisted creations.

This music is far from easy listening and can take a lot of effort before you really ‘get it’ but it is definitely worth it. It’s great to hear forward thinking music like this which is so perfect for the club environment and I hugely look forward to hearing these tunes blasted out on a proper sound system.

You can purchase the track here:


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Written by Andy Brennan


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