Reamz – 500 EP

Reamz 500 EP

1. Crux
2. Eclipse
3. Falsify
4. Quake
5. Senzuri

London based Reamz has been creeping under the surface of the dubstep realm for a few years now. With a few on point releases to his name, mainly via the Bacon Dubs family, he’s been making large footsteps towards placing himself firmly in the scene; receiving much more attention from a variety of well-known artists. I’ve personally noticed of late his vast improvement and particularly the adaptation in style he projects through his music. The ideas put across have become more complex and it is evident to see the time taken during production is beginning to pay off.

In celebration of reaching the milestone of 500 likes on his newly made Facebook page, he deemed it necessary to give away a 5 track EP via Spectrum, a clear sign of generosity to all his fans supporting his music.
Kicking off the EP is ‘Crux’. Here he constructs mysterious atmosphere through a sitar sounding instrument and slowly building drums until the drop unleashes an aboriginal, percussion centric stepper.

As the name suggests, ‘Eclipse’, is covered in darkness. Using vocal samples to set the tone, the track breaks into a frenzy of bongos, tinted with Distance-esque synth work.

is a track we’ve been playing on the radio for the past couple of months and I’m such a big fan of what he’s done. A heavy bass kick and intense synth work build the intro, until the track unleashes a hard hitting drop, halting the flow of the track with an abrupt clonking snare, making this the ultimate stepper.

‘Quake’ is most definitely built for that sound system atmosphere. Reamz has given it that dubby vibe with the vocal sample until you’re launched into a midst of curdling bass weight and pitch juddering SFX.

Finally, ‘Senzuri’ was a track that Infernal Sounds uploaded a few months back, which gained great support from listeners. As is typical of his style, this track involves a technical drum pattern, jagged synths and a pitch altering bass line. The second drop hits so heavy, it’ll knock your face off.

Minimix of the 5 tracks:

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Reamz for firstly giving away 5 astounding tracks but also being nice enough to get us involved in helping all of you hear and receive them.
Please make sure you head on over to Reamz’s page to share the love for being so generous and of course over to Bacon Dubs. Follow the links below for the digital downloads, both MP3 and WAV format:

Download links:
Go to free download link –

Facebook –
Soundcloud –
Twitter –
Bacon Dubs:
Facebook –
Website –

Written By Drew Jones


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