Artist in Focus: Native


I’ve been casting a close eye over Native, AKA Oliver Green, for a while now, having heard a variety of his tracks sprouting up all over YouTube and various artists in the underground scene playing his tribal orientated beats. Although his main direction is within the grounds of the bongo fuelled style of dubstep, he has also delved in some jazzy, lighter production and even more recently began playing around with some 130 material. Like numerous artists, he first found his passion for the dubstep sound way back in the ‘06/’07, when the likes of Benga, Caspa and Skream ran the roost. However, as the scene flustered and evolved into a more futuristic base, his love for the sound matured with it, birthing fresh ideas in his mind to begin his producing journey.
‘Wolves’ and ‘Unspoken’ accurately show his ancestral style right down to a tee; involving dynamic percussion patterns as his initial starting point, building the exterior around the drums and adding his typical aboriginal atmosphere. This ensures he maintains that ‘around the campfire, wicker skirt’ vibe.
Distinguishing elements of his production are so typical of some more well-known artists in the scene at the moment and although this is by no means replication, he’s surely got the potential for something to fall perfectly into place at some point soon. With some more practice and adaption during production, I could see collaboration with the likes of Wayfarer or DubApes being the perfect platform for him to be noticed. There’s no denying Native radiates potential, shown by numerous of his already produced tracks but with the scene becoming so densely saturated with artists pushing similar sounds, it’s sometimes difficult to get spotted.
In my opinion, in a year’s time, the likes of Innamind Recordings or perhaps Kaium Records could have easily pushed a track out involving him, as his deep, dark, tribal style fits perfectly into the the direction they’re pushing.
However, until then, be sure to keep an eye out for any of his tracks which do see release, as some are in the process. To help showcase his style to you in the best way possible, we were lucky enough to receive a mix from the man himself.

This is what he has to say when asked about the direction Native has taken during his exclusive mix for Spectrum –
“Well, I just wanted to showcase some of my tunes I’ve been working on over the past few months, as well as show what producers and tunes I’ve really been inspired by in the same process, which pretty much turned the mix into some fully tribal business! Hopefully people like it”

Native – Year Zero [Dub]
Lurka – Stabiliser [Box Clever]
D-Operation Drop – Treezen Ft. B9 [Redshift One]
Baku – Lost Avenue [Dub]
Arkwright – Kunai [Dub]
DJG – Time Is The Fire [Transistor]
DubApes – Infinity [Dub]
Feonix – Eon Eyes Ft. Kaya [Dub]
Native – Wolves [Dub]
Native – Unspoken [Dub]
DubApes – Cave [Dub]
Native – Dzao [Dub]
Gantz – Lifebound [Aquatic Lab]
Native – Hedgehog [Dub]
Headhunter – Clone [Black Box]
J.Robinson – Tsavo [Tribe 12]
DubApes – Elysian Warfields Ft. The ParaNox [Dub]
D-Operation Drop – Poison VIP [NoMad]
Sleeper – Systema [Chestplate]
D-Operation Drop – Temple Run [NoMad]
Quantum Soul – Underworld [Uprise Audio]
Native – Arrow Head [Dub]
D-Operation Drop – Stronghold [Dub]
CjBroad – Eventually [Foundation Audio]
Fornax – Zodiac [Sub Pressure]
Sixth Ape – Lam Lam [Dub]
Untold – Discipline [Hemlock]
Clearlight – Circular Thinking [Dub]

One word of advice Native has to give to all you listeners is to “drink lots of orange juice!”, which if this is has been the key to his current activity in the scene, perhaps everyone should follow suit and take the advice.

Facebook –
Soundcloud –

Written By Drew Jones


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