Reviews…In Brief

Every month there are a shed load of releases that we don’t get the chance to give a full review for one reason or another so we’ve decided to compile a few at the end of each month and give you our opinion in brief.

Marcel Dettmann – Dettmann II (OSTGUTCD28)

Uncompromising techno stalwart Marcel Dettmann offers up his second album; packed with exactly the sort of unadulterated, pounding drums and complex textures that we have come to expect from him. These tracks are dark minimal techno at its purest and yet it is just as enjoyable to listen to at home as in a club environment.

Tunnidge – Rag & Bone / 7 Breaths (Distance Remix) (CHST09)

The latest Chestplate is a huge release, with Tunnidge stepping up to provide his usual audio onslaught. Rag & Bone takes the form of a classic Tunnidge chestplate song; writhing melodinc synths with a heavy bass underbelly. The B side to this is a song I have been hearing out for the past few years and was easily in my top 10 wish list to see forthcoming. Distance has taken Tunnidge’s already aggy 7 Breaths and mutated into a heavyweight dance floor destroyer. Another classic Chestplate 12”.

Mano Le Tough – Changing Days Remixes (PERMVAC1081)

This EP presents three remixes from Mano Le Tough’s debut album which came out in February this year. Tale Of Us, Dixon and New Jackson all offer their takes and whilst staying close to the source material, they all aim slightly closer to the dance floor and do a sterling job. The Tale Of Us rework of ‘Primative People’ is ideal set opening material but New Jackson grooving ‘Please’ is the stand out for me.

Canblaster – Infinite EP

Canblaster presents such a wide range of styles in this 6-track EP and yet there is some cohesiveness under the surface. Though the tracks are slightly overproduced for my taste, there are some great musical moments here. When the off-kilter electro rhythm of the intro to Para One collaboration ‘Presents’ gives  way to a wave of bass and the subsequent pounding drums and squelchy synths it’s hard not to be impressed.

Boddika – Steam EP (SWAMP026)

Boddy power is back with another hard hitting 4 track EP on Loefah’s infamous Swamp 81 label. Kicking off with the title track ‘Steam’, which lives up to its name with a light airy synth lingering over certain drops which really builds up tension in the track. Track 2, ‘Heat’, leans further towards a more relaxed vibe, echoing light bells cascade across a beautifully deep rolling bass line; this one sounds lovely on a sound system. ‘Black’ is a more minimal stripped back piece, adhering to Boddika’s techno side; another really atmospheric piece. The final track ‘Crack’  is a complete ‘lose your head’ mash up of hypnotising synths and irregular cowbell rhythms, completing what is Boddika’s most varied EP of recent times.


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