Infernal Sounds: Top 10 for September


Killawatt & Ipman – Dark Place VIP

The original of this track was exceptional; having been released on Tempa earlier this year. It seemed that it was time for the duo to mix things up a little, delivering this deadly VIP. With J:Kenzo remixing the track, you thought that it couldn’t get any better, however, Killawatt & Ipman have covered the track with  a more techy edge, chopping the track up into a 4×4 roller.

Truth – Syria

Truth release numerous times each month but there’s no surprise there with the duo churning out constant top drawer tracks. Their sets at Outlook Festival were a combination of old tracks, some of the new releases like ‘Hunter’ by Kaiju alongside an artillery of fresh Truth dubs. This one delivers an eastern vibe during the build-up, breaking into that bass driven sound; carrying supreme weight.

Quantum Soul – Magus

I’ve not managed to hear any new Quantum Soul material lately but this one is pure deepness. It carries a similar beat to ‘Underworld’, yet consists of a much more eastern element and a heavy growling bass line underneath. I’m really hoping to hear more new material from him over the next month, containing more of his earthy sounds.

Biome – Searching

Another fresh track from Biome, which is forthcoming on Wheel & Deal later this year. You can evidently hear the Biome style from the outset, with the warping space-based synths and the low end bass kicks. The addition of the vocals over the top give the entire piece an element of bliss, highlighting why he’s still one of the best producers in the scene.

Killawatt – Static Tension VIP

Another VIP to feature between the midst of tracks in the top 10. This time it’s another Killawatt piece, without Ipman in hand though. This VIP got featured first at Outlook during his set, where he blended it together with ‘Dark Place VIP’, making the crowd go ballistic. He’s made some mild alterations to the original but again with most of his productions recently, added a more techy vibe to the track.

Biome – Untitled

Not many artists can beat the atmosphere Biome so often creates, shown perfectly during this piece. There’s no holding back when the drop is engaged, leaping into percussion fuelled frenzy of bongos with those trade mark Biome SFX dotted throughout.

Truth – Justify

Another fresh piece from Truth, featured on their guest mix on Youngsta’s show on Rinse FM. I’m a massive fan of this one, really militant bass line, giving an eyes down feel to the track. This would be perfect to hear out on a system, due to the crunching weight carried by the bass. These two are unstoppable and although they may replicate some of their trademark sounds in tracks, you can guarantee the track will always have been produced to the highest quality and carry absolute force.

Kaiju – Fall Guy

This was a pleasant surprise from the Kaiju boys, giving this incredible track away for free. Although this one isn’t exactly the most recent material from them, I felt as though it had to feature in the Top 10 as it’s something everyone should add to their collection. I’ve loved this since the first time I heard it but I’d never heard the second drop properly, which they’ve mixed up, altering the pitch change of the bass line to birth even more darkness to the track.
Download –

Truth – Simplistic

Third and final track of the month from Truth, featuring exclusively on Deeper Vibrations Youtube channel. “With a ridiculously tight groove and pure unadultered bass – this one is definitely for the sub fiends.” I also love the dwindling synth work they use throughout the track; compiling layers upon layers as Truth do so well over and over again.

Caspa – Untitled

I was searching far and wide for who made this ferocious beat, when i was told it was a fresh dub from Caspa. This one sounding heavyweight; growling bass line laced underneath an aggressive synth and lightly clapping high’s. This is not 100% confirmed as being Caspa but through hearsay you get the impression it is.

DubFreq – FKOFd001
In addition to my Top 10, I’d like to just involve a feature which is new to the channel. I’ll be teaming up with FatKidOnFire to bring the mini mix promo video for their release series, starting with a four track EP from Dubfreq.

Massive shouts to Deeper Vibrations, Trusik and FatKidOnFire who feature on this piece:
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Finally would like to say again from Infernal Sounds; Big up all the other YouTube channels pushing the underground minimal sounds.
If you’re feeling the channel or any of the tracks, swing on over and hit the subscribe button.

Written By Drew Jones


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