Goosensei – Spectrum Podcast #016

Birmingham’s Goosensei brings forth number #016 in our series. Featuring such a wide variety of music and beats, this one suits the Spectrum style perfectly. Get involved:


2562 – Solitary Sheepbell
Burlish – LMcDIAT
Paul Kalkbrenner – Mango (Special Berlin Calling Edit)
Soul Minority – Take Me To The Rhythm (Dirt Crew Remix)
Groove Armada – Superstylin’ (G.A Diskotek Mix)
Owiny Sigoma Band – Nyiduonge Drums
Elmore – Big Booty
Space Oreo – Vindaloo
Rawtrachs – Old Ting
Kode 9 – Dislokated
TRG – Broken Heart (Martyn DCM Remix)
Dubsworth – No More
Cuddlemonster – Back Jah
The Bug – Skeng (feat. Killa P & Flowdan)
Bakir – Deep End
Krytikal – Pulse K
Moskra – Sentry
Kahn – Dread
Krytikal – Reach Out
Goosensei – Glass Mind
Cavalaska – Ancient Symbols
Gantz – Tesseract
Earth Is Flat – 5th Dimension
Elkie & M-Pathy – Hostile
Goosensei – One Roof

“I really enjoyed mixing this 1, it was the first mix I have recorded thats made up of so many of my friend’s tunes.
Featuring a couple of tracks from some of the members of the Brum town collective INWYK. (Burlish, Rawtrachs, Krytikal and myself).
Good to be playing out the dub from Shelter Birmingham & Origins, Elkie & M-Pathy’s, Hostile!
The tune 5th Dimensions from the duo Earth Is Flat who are also out of Brum. Expect massive things from these 2. I am currently collaborating on a tune with them on their first solo album due out later this year.
Big up the Spit Brothers (Dubsworth and Bakir)!! I am seriously looking forward to releasing my EP on their label Dubs Alive out of San Fransisco later this year.
Respect to Cavalaska (São Paulo) , Moskra (Tallahassee) and Cuddlemonster (New York) !!
Big up Elmore, the man’s got riddim!!
And finally to the other producers that feature in the mix that have been a massive inspiration!”

Soundcloud –
Facebook –

– Roots in Dub / Word of Mouth – Botany Ep [SSR008] on Sublimated Sounds…
– Him Tek Off (Goosensei Refix) – Buju Banton. Council Pop (Compilation) on
Beta Birmingham.…
– Voodoo Ray (Goosensei Remix) – A Guy Called Gerald. Sounds of the Past [SSR013] (Compilation) on Sublimated Sounds.…

Ep on Dubs Alive released later this year –
and forthcoming on Earth City Recordz next compilation in the next couple of months

Written by Michael Thomas


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