South London Ordnance – He Do The Police In Different Voices EP Review (ALLOYS001)


I have long been a fan of South London Ordnance’s brand of UK bass especially when he dips into heavier techno influences. His percussion and sound design is consistently spot on which leads to some very driven and interesting pieces of music. This EP sees him take a slight side step from this with collaborations and a wider sound pallet leading to something a bit different. The EP also features a few remixes which further add to the variety on offer, though it might be said that they steal the show slightly.

‘Black Acre’ starts things off with plenty of echoing sound and a delicate vocal from collaborator Brolin. This vocal is slightly understated but this works out for the best and lets the spectacle of the music shine through. The songs post dubstep vibe and melody increase throughout the song, leading to an appreciable climax before the sound begins to slide away. Chris Carter‘s remix of this track takes an already abstract song to an even deeper and weirder place. By removing the vocal and focussing on warping the other elements of the track he produces a sense of aquatic anxiety.

SLO’s original ‘Modular Splash’ isn’t available on this EP but there are two remixes present; Nik Colk Void of Factory Floor and JD Twitch are those responsible. The NCV remix is an experiment in distorted minimalism which slightly misses the mark for me. Though it is definitely interesting, I doubt I’ll be listening again. The JD Twitch West Glasgow Optimo mix is much more dance floor directed and revolves around a warping bass and jittering percussion. As the song works its way through, the percussion does become more conventional which along with the twinkling synth gives the song a more danceable and happy feel, though the ever present stuttering vocal keeps things on the more obscure side.

‘Floating World’ is a solid slice of current UK techno executed brilliantly. Although it packs few surprises, it’s a sound that’s going to be well received among SLO fans. Next up is the Femme en Fourrure collab; ‘Obsidian’. This is the best track on the EP for me with its solid techno backbone and uplifting melody, it’s definitely an interesting twist up of SLO’s sound. Whilst ‘System’ lasts about 5 minutes longer than it should, the idea of the track is decent and the execution is ideal.

This EP has been a slight disappointment for me but it features some interesting work from SLO and the remixers, maybe my expectations were too high. The variety on offer should please most listeners and there are a few tracks here for the more open minded DJs.

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Written by Andy Brennan


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