MOR Drum & Bass Top 10 September

Blocks & Escher have made a brilliant progressive tune that from the intro grips you, the clever use of ambience building up throughout the track makes this track stand out from the rest

Clarity hits us again with another instant banger! The trademark Clarity sound echo’s all the way through this outstanding track

Wheelton brings something to the DNB scene with this creative number, eerie and experimental. Make sure to check it out.

Heavy dark roller from Amoss, signature style.  A huge release on Horizon, make sure to check out the rest of the Dreamtheif E.P

Forthcoming on the Gates of Dawn L.P, this track by Architect has an amazing production  offering a space like ambience to the whole track.

A brilliant track by Seba already and Blu Mar Ten do their thing and add another level to the track. Blissful overall track with creative production and an overall smooth feeling to it.

This has been one of my favourite releases over the past month. The progression of the track just adds something you don’t really expect to be the next part of the track which is what keeps the track sounding so fresh.

I uploaded this track to our YouTube channel earlier in the month. The track was released as part of a free E.P that was just a collection of their old songs they never got around to releasing. If you like this track get hold of the E.P, it’s brilliant

Frederic Robinson is one of the names everyone should be looking out for, his production and live show is out of this world. The production on this song shows just how brilliant he can be, collabing alongside Stray this song was bound to be amazing!

After the previous song I had to share the quality that is Stray , this release is amazing . The overall progression and the unique sound shows why the collab with Frederic Robinson was so good

Compiled by Richard Imms of MOR DNB.






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