Only Vibez: Ones to look out for in September

Randomer – Bring

The track of Dimensions. Heard this getting played all over the place, and was pretty pleased to get ID on it soon as I returned. Already up there in my tracks of the year. Destroyed the moat.


Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP)

Knew how hefty this one was, but having heard it through a system, everything changed. The ‘Ford Fiesta’ bit is a lot too.


Queenie – And Every (Maddslinky Remix)

The original is absolutely top, so glad to see the remixes put in safe hands. The Queenie VIP and Walter Ego remix make for a great package.


Kodiak – Dragon Drop

Absolute bomb. Spreo Superbus was gonna be tough to follow but this tune is next level, or possibly the one above it. Footwork influence works an absolute dream.


OH91 – Stealth

Adding to Coyote’s sterling run of releases, everything this guy is producing lately is too gully. Recruiting Spooky for the remix has done them no harm either!


Dass – She Said

Free download in support of Untzz’ next 12”. The amount of support these lads are getting after their first two releases speaks for itself! The third record is colossal too!


French Fries – Everything (??? Remix)

Fresh rip from the ever-exciting Night Slugs show, this producer has absolutely nailed it. Too much.


Kahn and Neek – Soundboy Obliterator

Arguably the best of the ‘dub war’ that’s been going on over the past couple of days.


Leon Vynehall – Step or Stone (Breath or Bone)

Been excited to hear Leon Vynehall’s 3024 release for a while now, given the standard he set with Brother/Sister. He just keeps getting better and better.


Obscura – Rewalk

More young talent from Leeds, this track forthcoming on MDNGHT Records, also based in Leeds. Must be something in the water up there. Really enjoying this one, Obscura is definitely one to keep an ear on.



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