Artist in Focus: Hanga


Hanga has been on our radar for quite some time; putting out high quality and very interesting music. We gave him a glowing review on his most recent release which you can check out here:

To give you a real feel for this guys music and the direction he is taking, he is offering up a free track and has put together the latest in our Spectrum Podcast series. Head over to our Facebook ( and check out the Free Downloads tab for the tune and check out the mix here:

Whilst jamming to Hanga taking you on a journey through a varied selection of house, techno and garage influenced sounds, have a read of our interview with the man himself:

Spectrum: Thanks for speaking to us Caleb, knew we needed to get you involved when I heard that Sirloin tune a few months back. Vibes! To start off, what was your first striking musical experience/ experiences?

Hanga: Ez, glad you felt that track. I’ve been brought up around music and have been taken to many festivals and events from a young age. My first involvement with music was when I started playing trumpet in my mum and uncles jazz band which then led onto a few performances with my friend; messing around on Ableton and me soloing over the top. This is when I gained my first interests in electronic production.

Spectrum: Interestingly many modern producers seem to have taken their roots in a non-electronic environment. How would you say this early introduction has effected your production?

Hanga: Being brought into electronic music through live music has given me a broader view of the different ways you can combine the two; making my tracks stronger. I feel it’s really important to keep connections with live music, as it can help influence your work, as I’ve found when producing my new track Pulp (Future Grooves Compilation 3) where I’ve used trumpet samples and live amens.

Spectrum: Really excited to hear that! With how modern culture seems to influence electronic music now it has risen from the underground, what is your opinion on its modernisation into the charts and mainstream culture?

Hanga: In a way I think it’s rewarding to see how underground music is getting appreciated on a larger scale, however I don’t like how the mainstream industry takes underground music and manipulates it in order to appeal to a larger audience.

Spectrum: They always manage to get it so wrong. Is there any huge names getting it right though at the moment in your opinion?

Hanga: Dark Sky has always been a big one for me along with a lot of the Swamp 81 crew, as they’ve managed to progressively get bigger whilst keeping their original style. I also really admire Bambounou and a lot of the ClekClekBoom releases as they’ve brought a whole new style into the underground scene and have made it big for how abstract a lot of their work is. Randomer ticks all of my boxes too.

Spectrum: I could not agree more with the Swamp and ClekClek guys; mad releases across the board.

So what is in the future from yourself then, solid plans and ideas?

Hanga: For now my aim is to get as many tracks out there whilst finishing my second year at DBS music. Along with this I want to get focused kicking off the Groundvibes Collective, a group of producers and DJ’s by getting on lots of collab’s. We also plan to get involved in nights and hosting our own events, hopefully using our new sound system which we completed at the beginning of the summer, so expect lots to come from us over the next year. Next september I have the exciting prospect of studying sound engineering and production at the DBS Berlin. However throughout my studies I want to continue smashing out as many tracks and releases as possible.

Spectrum: That sounds proper sick man, I am a huge fan of the groundvibes movement too. Spectrum are fully backing you guys and we are well excited to see where you can go in the future!

Thanks for talking to us though Caleb! Any final words or comments on the mix and song that are up for grabs?

Hanga: Thanks for backing us, it means a lot to have support from you. Hope you enjoy the track and the mix! Lots more to come soon.


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