Toyc – Ruffer / Keyframe (with Altered Natives, Bloom and Youngstar remixes) Review (LEGS002)


After years of putting on parties in Bristol, which have had headliners ranging from Cluekid to MJ Cole to Roy Davis Jr and everything in between, Crazylegs decided to start a record label. This happened over a year ago though, with the release of Ziro’s ‘Coded / Oni’, and we’ve had to wait until now for the second instalment. As their press release states, however, “Good things come to those who wait”.

Their second release comes from Toyc, who is an up-and-coming DJ and producer who splits his time between London and Nottingham. His sound is an amalgamation of genres; a bass centric influence from dubstep and grime mixed with garage and house rhythms. This release sees the label step away from the solid 4×4 beats of the previous for more intricate and shifting percussion. Both tracks are dark tracks made for dark rooms.

‘Ruffer’ works detailed percussion over a rugged and heavy bassline. The incorporation of the light vocals just before the drop and the ravey synth stabs make this once to watch out for in the club. ‘Keyframe’ takes a slightly different route to the dancefloor with a 2-step vibe. The stuttering percussion and the thrust of the bass line give this track a real groove.

This release comes with the bonus of three remixes by some very highly regarded artists. Altered Natives present their take on ‘Ruffer’ which warps the track with a more elaborate rhythm and a pulsing bass line.

Belfast native Bloom reworks ‘Keyframe’ to amazing effect giving the track a grime vibe. When the seemingly eastern influenced introduction gave way to the aggressive synths and heavy bass I was taken by surprise, in the best possible way. Youngstar has also provided a remix of ‘Keyframe’ which is digital only, though purchasing the vinyl also gets you a digital copy of this. His effort takes on plenty of grime influence but he has also included much more melody which makes the track feel much less antagonistic and much more musical. It’s hard to pick which remix is better as they rework the song in such different ways and to different ends so I won’t.

Overall, this 12″ is a great selection of music with some interesting and forward-thinking ideas. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait another year until the next Crazylegs release.

Be sure to check out Toyc on Facebook:

and on Soundcloud:

For further label and party news, head over to the Crazylegs Facebook page:


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