Step-A-Side & Eese – War Paint / Long Range (ANA001)


Annihilate Audio bring us their first proper release with a two sider from relatively unknown artists ‘Step-A-Side’ and ‘Eese’. With 4 free downloads behind them, they’ve now branched out and have brought us two truly dark pieces of 140 bass weight.

‘War Paint’ lives up to its name, the intro is a dark space of echoing drums, ancient sounding synths and a tease of patterns to come. The sample has been modified brilliantly, teasing the drop gradually until it hits you. Powerful synths and a very solid dubstep beat encapsulate this piece of dark 140; it would sound fantastic through a powerful rig.

Scattered drums and hollow sounds work perfectly in an intro; ‘Long Range’ incorporates this brilliantly, gradually building to a spacey drop. This piece has a much more relaxed feel, the synths again cut across the drums but for a completely different effect. Rather than anger, here they’ve been used to create a feeling of depth. Another piece of sound system music for sure.

Up for release on the 3rd of September, these are surely ones to watch. Download links coming soon on their Facebook.

Written By Michael Thomas



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