Infernal Sounds: Top 10 for August


ARtroniks – Torodial

Belgium’s home-grown ARtroniks has been gaining some thorough support within the scene of late. His remix of ‘Creep’ by Requake & Brownz is getting played live by Coki for example. This one gets a play out on J:Kenzo’s show, further displaying how the artist is taking massive leaps and bounds, keeping strictly to that dark, underground sound.

Biome – Fatal

That Biome style radiates from this one, with an atmospheric intro and the percussion being the centre point of the track. He’s gone quiet recently production wise but it seems like he’s come back in full force, unleashing a ton of flawless tracks in preparation for Outlook Festival.

Proxima – Housestep

Proxima takes it to high levels with this track, filling it with energetic percussion and using that elemental ‘destruction’ style SFX throughout this rugged track. It’s difficult to even keep up with the amount of tracks that are knocking about which are confirmed to be Proxima or are possibly his productions. It’s by no means a negative thing though, as you’d imagine most of these tracks will find their way onto his album which is forthcoming at some point this year.

TMSV – Combine

TMSV has taken things to a whole new level recently, with ‘Haze’ and ‘Damage’ gaining release on Artikal Music UK and a forthcoming 6 track EP on Black Box. Regardless of the busy time, he still hasn’t let up production wise and has been knuckling down in the studio. In this track his use of the daunting violins as the basis for the track, creates a harrowing atmosphere – something you’d imagine hearing during a shark attack on Jaws.

Proxima – Trapped

You could tell right from the outset that this had to be a Proxima or Icicle production. It emerged that it was in fact yet another track from the Prox, containing hard hitting kicks and prominent vocals. It has an element of drowsiness about the atmosphere projected in the track due to those futuristic SFX’s, making this an innovative masterpiece.

Biome – Solstice

Another Biome piece that adds to the numerous dubs he has knocking around at the minute. He layers over his signature space-like sounds, bouncing the structure of the track up and downwards with the low end murmuring bass-line.

TMSV – Untitled

Another reggae influenced track from TMSV, using fairly similar voice samples as were used for ‘Haze’. I really do love his dubby approach on some of his productions, always getting the percussion spot on. He also layers over guitar chords and an instrument reminiscent of a saxophone making this the ultimate dubby track.

Gantz & El Mahdy Jr – Rising

I’ve taken great interest in these two combining since I heard ‘Exile’ earlier on this year, taking full influence from their eastern European origin. This one contains a crunching low end bass line and entrancing vocals, build ideally for a sound system.

Unknown – Untitled

This one has that Icicle vibe in my opinion, especially with the pitch shifting SFX used throughout. The percussion is precise and the sly uses of muffled vocals are trademark of recent Icicle and Proxima productions.

Thelem – Grainform

This one has taken so much imagination to put together and although it appears to be disjointed, the track has a funky element to it. Thelem drives a surging power throughout the entire track with the clattering percussion and the use of a gritty synth. He’s certainly one to watch over this next year, with some releases soon to come.

I know that’s my Top 10 done and dusted, however, something came to the surface last night which has to be included on this piece.

Seven – Walter White (Truth Remix)

I’ll let the music do the talking for this one. Truth have completely made this their own.

Massive shouts to Deeper Vibrations who feature on this piece:
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Finally would like to say again from Infernal Sounds; Big up all the other YouTube channels pushing the underground minimal sounds.
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