MOR Drum & Bass Top 10 August

When J Kenzo remix’s a Nitri tune only good things can happen! Such a brilliant, clean remix of an already amazing song. The drums on this are huge and the overall atmosphere definitely gives off that jungle vibe.

A brilliant smooth tune from Vigorous that is being released on Shaolin Audio. The track is really chilled out and floats by perfectly offering a really relaxed overall feel. The individual elements of the track really harmonise making it a pleasure to listen to!

This is a track that leaves me speechless. Skeptical just has a brilliant production technique that can be heard through all of his releases. The track really switches up and has such a brilliant unique feel to it. Skeptical has managed to use a collection of what seems like random sounds and got them working together brilliantly!

Something very different from the rest of the songs listed. Pan builds the track up with an insanely good intro that blends in perfectly with the rest of the track. A dark track that really gets the person listening to the tune interested from the start.

Hydro, War & Mateba have created a really incredible atmospheric DNB tune. Clever use of echo’s and beats in the background give the track loads of depth and the drums keep the tune at a gentle but brilliant pace.

What a heavy tune! Minor rain is one of the names I’m constantly looking out for, his releases are always huge. Deep and dark with brilliant progression and some really good production offers for another brilliant track.

Can’t wait for the Gates of Dawn LP to be released if this is just a taste of what’s to come. The tempo of this track is enough to get anyone moving.  Absolute killer of a tune.

Emcee records released a Voyage track that I featured on my YouTube channel which was just huge and ever since I’ve been intrigued by his style. Ninja chopping with a really dark style to the drums. An overall fantastic track.

Such a brilliant liquid drum and bass track. It offers a really smooth melody and nice flow to it. The vocals fit nicely too, I often find with a lot of liquid tracks recently that there is too much going on sometimes, this is the exception.

Om Unit have a forthcoming on Metalheadz. It is a really dark and versatile track, as the description quite rightly says. Om Unit offers a really unique feel to this track stepping away from the imitators and emulators.

Written by Richard Imms of MOR DNB


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