Fantastic Mr Fox – The Trap / Jackal Youth Review (ACRE044)

fantastic mr fo

Stephen Gomberg has been releasing music through his Black Acre label since 2007 and creating music as Fantastic Mr Fox since 2009. This latest single is his sixth release on the label and illustrates the continuing evolution of his sound. The obvious dubstep influences of his earlier releases are taking a back seat and there is an increasing diversity in his sound pallet, with this release taking on clear house and garage influences. It will be interesting to see if this is the direction that Mr Gomberg plans on taking the label which is renowned for its post-dubstep and hip hop sound.

First up is ‘The Trap’. The song starts with a glitchy clap and a vocal sample taken from a 1985 Colonel Abrams tune. This euphoric vocal is joined by some equally euphoric chord stabs and the sound is soon bolstered by a synthesised bass tone that sounds like a foghorn. The thumping of a kick drum and some layered, echoed vocals lead up to the drop, which supplies the listener with a grooving slab of garage influenced house.

‘Jackal Youth’ takes a slightly darker and less overtly “dance music” tone with an intricate and evolving beat. The music evokes a tense image but at no point lacks in style as the kicks, claps and bleeps build up to a frenzy.

The single sees Fantastic Mr Fox take a dip in the overly saturated market of bass infused house but due to his fantastic production and keen ear for forward thinking music he arises triumphant. The inclusion of ‘Jackal Youth’ with this slice of jacking house shows the many sided approach this man has to his music. In doing so, he has made this single a must have for DJs who want to pack the dance floor as well as those keen for some more experimental sounds.


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Written by Andy Brennan


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