Weighted Sound, Bristol Review

weighted sound

Club nights which showcase soundsystem music, in Bristol and the country in general, are rapidly becoming a rarity. The dubstep scene in Bristol is now essentially dead and even some of the longer standing dub nights in the city are seeing a decrease in popularity. This is where Weighted Sound is hoping to step in, to fill that gap in the market. Their launch event saw them take over the basement of The Exchange, taking the culture back to its roots of a DJ, a soundsystem and a dark room; where it belongs.

Rikki, the promoter responsible, having run other nights in various places and having been a bedroom DJ for years decided to put his money where his mouth is and commit to setting up something new. He accepts it’s not really about the money which is an unfortunate state of affairs but I am so glad he did as the night was a real success.

Upon my arrival I was instantly immersed in a dub wise vinyl set from Kelan and promptly joined in with the synchronized head nodding. These vibes were continued by Young Echo members; Zhou. The kept it in the family with various Gorgon Sound plates and a remix of Kahn’s ‘Way Mi Defend’ as well as their own productions, all of which went down an absolute treat. Throughout Koast was hosting nicely with a mix of bars and hyping that was ideal for the occasion.

Afterwards Vaun stepped up and provided a dark selection of recent dubstep including newly born classics such as Badman VIP. Towards the end of this bass weight onslaught I managed to grab a quick chat with Guido before he got behind the decks. He showed a complete apathy towards the current scene though he was happy there were still nights like Weighted Sound springing up. This apathy however has meant he has been spending a lot of time working on his second album which he hopes will be out in September, though he wouldn’t share who was releasing it. He says he has created a more mature sound which is more evocative of emotion than his previous effort. I, for one, cannot wait!

His set started off on a hip hop vibe, which was a recurring theme throughout. Guido seems to be taking a lot of influence from hip hop and he seemed to imply this was the direction his album would be taking. That being said the highlight of the set for me was the Bristol classic, RSD remix of ‘Find My Way’ being mixed into ‘26 Basslines’. I was not alone in losing my mind to this one; everyone in attendance was bouncing off the walls. After a short retreat from the stage Koast was back and injecting even more energy than before. Another mix that got the crowd moving was an immaculate blend from ‘Do The Jazz’ into ‘Footcrab’. Other highlights of the set included James Blake and one of the Joker and Rustie collabs.

Overall, the night was a success and hopefully it will just be the start of things to come. I moved to Bristol as the “second city of dubstep” reputation was disappearing so missed the bandwagon on that but hopefully, with promoters willing to take some risks, the scene might be re-established.


Be sure to check out Weighted Sound on Facebook:


Written by Andy Brennan


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