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Focussing on heavy, weighty house music and alternative techno; Discos Dead have been ploughing their way through a selection of fantastic music since the start of 2013. With numerous releases under their belt, and even a small exploration of releasing on vinyl (a rarity for newer labels it seems these days), it is clear to say they plan on making a name for themselves fast and keeping that reputation up to scratch. The tunes live up the hype too and every release right back to DDR001 is brilliant; blending elements of garage, UK funky and techno into some fantastic bass music.

We’ve got a competition running on Spectrum at the moment, with a chance to win 1 of 2 copies of DDWAX001, Chubba – Kode 6/ Chubbas in Paris, two absolutely huge tunes you wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance of owning:

We caught up with label founder and owner Kieran Whitefield, to see what sparked this venture, and where they are heading in the future:

Spectrum: Thanks for speaking with us, very much appreciated! Firstly; what sparked your interest in electronic music?

Kieran: The ladies. Also the sound of underground music I found very attractive, very raw, and a whole different experience to what you hear in the charts

Spectrum:  It’s certainly a different place to normal clubs isn’t it? Much less ‘over effort’ than what you hear pumping out of Gatecrasher. So, which artists got you properly hooked, did you start on funky garage or did something else get you first?

Kieran: I used to mix a lot of shit music. The first decks I bought were a pair of technics 1200’s, to sweeten the deal he sold me all his vinyl for £50 pounds and there were over 100 terrible records in there; not one of them was even remotely good but it was just fun playing around on them. My good friend whom I Dj with a lot introduced me to Nights Slugs stuff and I was totally blown away with how different it was and how much energy it possess , this started my search and love for underground music.

Spectrum: Yeah I can hear the Night Slugs sound in what you’ve been releasing! Around what time did you decided you wanted to start releasing music yourself? and why?

Kieran:  I always get very involved in anything I do, too involved some times, so when I started Dj’ing and producing it didn’t stop there. I felt there was more I could do to get more stuck in, there was a lot of good music popping up that needed to be released and I felt I was capable  of doing that. I put producing to the side for a bit and focused on the label. At first I was not going to put my own music out on the label, I didn’t want to mix the two. I didn’t want the label to be just a platform to put my music out on.


Spectrum: Ah that’s very interesting! So it was through a love of music you wanted to push others top. That’s great, I think that will be why the label is doing so well; passion for music shines through when a label has lots behind it. Now you are one of the few labels still really pushing vinyl, is that something else you wanted to associate the label with or just somehow by chance?

Kieran: I love vinyl, there is no profit in small runs of vinyl but it is something I wanted to do from the start. If I had more money I would put every release out on wax.

Spectrum: That’s brilliant man; nothing sounds better than proper acetate. So what is the future for Discos Dead? Anything interesting in the pipe line?

Kieran: There is so much happing right now, it’s so exciting. Got some big releases coming up, our second 12″ is being pressed as we speak; a huge release from Circula. Also expect to see some new material from Effy, Decka Sound, Pulse Code, Arka, Cloaka, Ansome with some huge remixes as well. Also we are planning on putting on a night in south London.

Spectrum:  Ohhhh very excited to hear the Arka and Effy material and big ups for getting your own night together. You had enough huge names in there to put on something really special.

Well thanks for the words mate, and we will be sure to be keeping Spectrum posted on your further adventures!

The next release from Discos Dead is a 12” vinyl & digital combo, featuring 3 original tunes from Circula and 2 remixes to. Check out our review below this interview!


Circula – Blunt/ Salt (DDWAX002)

Discos Deads second acetate adventure sees them host rising star Circula, with a brilliant two part digital and vinyl release. The release features three original tunes from the man himself and remixes of ‘Salt’ from Beaka and Cloaka. Circula is a name I started noticing on Only Vibez and such channels about a year ago. His production quality and quantity has only increased since then and now we are seeing releases as ridiculous as this one; this guy is going places!

The first track on the release is ‘Blunt’ and it’s a real hard hitter. From the opening bars, it is obvious a huge influence has been taken from general garage; with the offbeat rhythms keeping the piece moving and maintaining a high level of energy from the word go. This energy is matched by the metallic synths, which elegantly cut through the pounding beat. The second drop is pure fire too, with a really dark synth and a genius wooden cowbell sound; musical contrasting at its finest.

‘Salt’ is up next and it maintains the garage influenced theme set by ‘Blunt’. The opening is a mish-mash of scattered drums and sounds, layered deliciously with elongated synths; the notes of which have been crafted perfectly to create a really euphoric feel. The build-up falls apart though and makes way for a really hard hitting bass line sure to have any room on their feet. The percussion in this tune is complex but not overwhelming, creating a busy, yet controlled feel to the flow of the song. A few minutes in, the hectic bass line and drums are joined again by the pulsing synths, injecting a much needed light joy just in time for the second build up, which again leads to a completely alternate second drop. I’ve mentioned before what a massive fan I am of people who put a lot of effort into making their second drop stand out above the first and Circula has hit the nail on the head here.

The vinyl exclusive song is ‘Nothing Like’ and begins adding to the idea that Circula can manipulate garage into a huge variety of sounds, each unique in their own way while adhering to his general style. ‘Nothing Like’ is a dirtier, more down low tune; with a vocal and relaxing piano section to contrast the darker bass lines. This song makes the vinyl well worth copping and its contrasting vibes would make it a real hit on the dance floor.

Finishing off the release is the two remixes of ‘Salt’. Beaka has removed the garage element but retained all of the funk and turned it into more of a pounding techno piece. A lot of the original sounds remain but it’s been given such a weighty revamp. Cloaka has gone for a slightly different vibe, recalling more of the garage elements and slightly relaxing the synth. More of a weighty garage roller than in an in your face beat. These two remixes really help tie the release together and maintain Discos Dead’s ability to provide really varied dance music for the people!

All written & compiled by Michael Thomas

Discos Dead:





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