Objects of Illusion – Private Games EP (DBB008)

objects of illusion

Disco Bloodbath is a label that has only recently come to my attention but it’s one that I have found a deep respect for after listening to their back catalogue. The brand started as an irregular club night about 6 years ago in London that quickly spread around the world. This, along with some sterling remix work, led them to expand into releasing music just over a year ago.
‘Private Games’ is the first release of London-based, Scottish producer Objects of Illusion for the label and he has really brought the goods. Whilst the influences and sound pallet varies throughout the EP, the tracks are linked by their grooving dance floor appeal.
The eponymous ‘Private Games’ starts off the show with a beat that has a distinctly older vibe but the intelligent use of the stabs places the track firmly on the current techno/house landscape. These elements of past and future could easily clash but here they are meshed together perfectly to produce a track with real emotion and club charm.
‘Night Being’ utilises a classic shuffling rhythm from the start and the euphoria is rapidly ramped up with the introduction of the sax line. The bass stabs add a really nice touch to this track as their slightly moody nature is thinly veiled by the atmosphere of twinkling pads and the rising and falling arps.
The track of choice for all the DJs picking up this record is ‘Venture Beyond’. The track bounces along playfully with a bass line that demands you move your body and synth lines that constantly evolve and morph throughout the track. ‘Stone Cold’ brings things to a close with thumping kicks and toms and skittering hats. The bass pulses from the depths of the track and provides the driving force as the song evolves.
Overall, this is a fantastic EP. It may not be pushing boundaries but if you find yourself in a packed warehouse in the wee hours of the morning and any of these tracks come on you know you will find yourself gleefully dancing along with a smile on your face.

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Written by Andy Brennan


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