Break – Steam Train / Detail ft Tiiu – Days Go By [SYMM013]


Break is an absolute legend in the drum & bass world, first appearing on the scene around 2001; he was plastered across events and releases within a few years of his inception. Twelve years on from his first releases and it is clear to see why he is still so highly ranked in the world of 170.

DJ Break press shots taken at in Fulham, London. 11th August 2008. Photos by Zen INOYA

Detail is slightly fresher in the game at only 20 years old, yet he is a prime example of an artist outside the UK bringing something completely fresh to the scene. His Ukrainian drum & bass has caught the eyes of Noisia, Utopia and Dispact Records to name a few. This release on Break’s own label, Symmetry, is part of a long line of forthcoming music from him, watch this guy!

This latest release sees the pair team up to bring two fantastic pieces of drum & bass to vinyl and digital. The A side is from Break himself, ‘Steam Train’ is one of those tunes that thoroughly live up its name. The intro starts with a light, creepy static; slowly building with an elongated symbol, through which the pounding drum & bass beat breaks. The use of distant industrial sounds in the opening really builds the tension with this piece, making you anxiously await the drop, as the beat leaves you alone with another factory influenced soundscape.

Finally, we really ‘see what’ this tune ‘can do’ and the drop smashes its way into a gritty, rolling drum & bass rhythm. If your face isn’t screwed up by now, the second drop will guarantee it; a serious hard hitting selection of pads and bass. This really reminds me of the sounds of the early 00’s. Throughout there is a heavy medley of metallic synths and samples which are perfectly suited to the dark grit of this tune. Break has done it again.
Contrasting immensely to the rather agitated and in-your-face attitude of the A side, Break has maintained Symmetry’s diversity and provided an equally as fantastic piece from Detail. This rather dark drum & bass beat has been matched with the monumentally evocative vocals of Tiiu. The opening torments the listener, as Tiiu’s airy vocals and a steady kick slowly creep their way into the very minimal clicks and distant synths.

There are no face altering drops here; the piece massages its way into your senses and settles there, emitting it’s atmospheric, euphoria drenched aura around your very self. A thought provoking, beautiful piece of music and it is fantastic to see tunes like this gathering the attention they deserve on such respected labels. The brilliance of this vocal work has inspired me to search for more of Tiiu’s work, her voice is truly amazing but I cannot seem to find anything else from here online, any links would be hugely appreciated!

Break has maintained such a level of quality across all the releases he has chosen for Symmetry and this is no exception. Cop it now from all good record stores!

Symmetry Recordings:‎

Written By Michael Thomas


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