Infernal Sounds: Top 10 for July


AxH – Giant Footprints

Yet again, AxH has appeared in my top 10 tracks, and there’s plenty of reasons why. The drum patterns used throughout this track gel together and play off one another so perfectly and there’s no better producer from the US scene at the current time in my opinion. The overall development within the underground US scene is moving at such a rapid rate, with the level of production driving much higher than previous years, causing a style imprint on the UK scene.

Quantum Soul – Underworld VIP

The Uprise Audio gang have been going in on the VIP hype, with Seven giving ‘Go To War’ the treatment and rumours of a Dubtek ‘Plus Ultra VIP’. Quantum Soul decided to revamp ‘Underworld’, giving the original an even grittier sound, further proving he’s one of the top producers at the current time. He’s already made a VIP of ‘Strong Root’ which was an excellent rework, which you can find here –

Truth – Devil’s Hands (Youngsta Remix)

I thought this track would have been left alone due to the original getting the VIP treatment by the Truth boys themselves. However, Youngsta thought he’d have a dabble with the devil’s hands, and what a different flex he’s implanted on the track, morphing it from a spacey structure into a more rolling tribal track. I absolutely love the fact he’s managed to keep a variety of the original tracks sounds, but given it a completely different direction.

Joker – Head Top

When I first heard this, I was baffled as to who was the producer behind such a heavyweight track, with it holding that Distance sort of sound. It arose that Joker was behind the production, moving away from his recent material, and taking a darker direction with this track; maintaining elements of his signature style, yet ensuring it held that futuristic sound. This literally makes me lose my head whenever it gets played on Youngsta’s show, and I’m so desperate to hear it out on a system.

AxH – The Other Side

Here’s another track J:Kenzo played in his last Rinse FM mix earlier this month, further displaying AxH’s aggy approach and precision to layer an assortment of drums, synths and a variety of invasive samples. His smooth, deep bass lines contrast with the abrasive soundscape. I’m hoping that at some point soon, Tempa will jump at the chance of releasing some of his material, as I’m eager to be able to play some of his tracks.

J:Kenzo – Ricochet VIP

It seems everyone is having a play with original tracks and making VIP’s at the moment, with Kenzo giving Ricochet the once over, morphing the rolling bass line into a more broken structure , yet giving the track a better rhythmic element. The original has just been released on Tempa Records, on a 4 track EP, filled with that new breed Kenzo style.

Proxima – Untitled

Proxima is killing it at the moment, locking himself firmly in the studio, prepping tracks to fill out his forthcoming album which should be coming out later this year. Receiving the double reload and then getting blended with ‘Midnight Request Line’ on Youngsta’s show, you feel that a sense of formidable power surrounds the track. The synths ooze energy and that bass is as hard hitting as anything I’ve heard.

Biome – Genesis

Biome has been off the radar production wise lately, but has reappeared with this gem of a track. That quad drum roll is a delightful little technique used, and it certainly proves that Biome is still one of the best producers around. He has laced the track with that evil, eyes down sound.

Sixth Ape – Lam Lam

This one’s a wildcard in the list, by a fairly unknown producer. I absolutely love that ancestral style this guy uses, and the drum patterns he’s structured to cooperate with the soothing bass line. He’s got some tracks which are forthcoming, but I’m unsure as to what they are, and when it’ll be out, but ensure you keep an eye out for this artist and any music to come out from him. Another one of his track is ‘Native Spirit’ which you can find here –

Youngsta & Seven – War Cry

This one another collaboration between Youngsta & Seven! They’ve managed to make yet another amazing piece of material, filled with imagination, using those jet fighters as part of the structure to the track. They’ve created a really gritty sounding track, illustrating that these two are a combined duo to be reckoned with.

Finally, would like to say again from Infernal Sounds; Big up all the other YouTube channels pushing the underground minimal sounds.
If you’re feeling the channel or any of the tracks, swing on over and hit the subscribe button.


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