MOR Drum & Bass Top 10


Detail and Tiiu have managed to create a beautiful smooth track with an eerie atmosphere to it. The way the track is structured allows for a feeling of depth, alongside the vocals you end up with an absolutely amazing tune. Personally I can’t wait for it to be released.


Furney and Locksmith’s forthcoming on Bios Recordings is a collection of organic sounds that produce, as the title suggests, a soulful feeling. The double bass offers a rhythm that eventually opens up with the use of other instruments into a truly unique song


Quadrant and Iris have managed to create a dark tune with a lot of room. With brilliant use of echoes and reverb this song is definitely worth a mention in any top ten lists.  Its gradual progression makes the listener drawn in as new sounds are added as the track develops into a truly heavy track.


It’s summer time and if any track can give you that feeling it’s this liquid piece by Furney. The drum beats are so well produced and clear and while they constantly roll on the rest of the track floats around creating an atmospheric tune that easily defines summer. Good Looking Records has some sweet tracks being released so if you like these vibes keep an eye on them.


Some record labels stick out across the whole spectrum and the Samurai music group is one of them. With this release from Genotype it only backs up this fact. Genotype has managed to create an amazing jungle track with such a slow pace. The pace offers such a deep feeling that’s complimented by the use of steel drums. It’s always good to see artists experimenting within a genre putting their own stamp on things.


This clip from cryogenics has such a space like feel to it. The track progresses with a lot of glitching sounds. This sound mixed with the use of creepy vocals creates a deep and dark atmosphere.  The construction of the track adds a lot to this atmosphere with periods of the song being quite empty, followed by some insane chopping.


Minimal master class. This deep track by Ruffhouse & Clarity is the definition of experimental minimal DNB. Even though there is very little to this track the saying “less is more” definitely comes into play.


Colossus is offering a versatile range of tunes, just check out his Soundcloud. In this clip for his forthcoming on Stilla Audio Colossus shows his talent. With the use of a beautiful sounding piano , clean sounding drums and crisp vocals Colossus has developed a melodic vibe liquid track worth listening to.


Even though it’s 2 months old there is no way I couldn’t mention this in my top ten.  The whole track is wonderfully constructed and produced, the variety of drums used is amazing and the overall sound is something I’ve not been able to get out of my head. Boom bang crash.


Bredren have such a recognizable sound, deep, dark and heavy.  This banging sub heavy track is being released on Proximity records as part of the “Fraction E.P”. I suggest if you like the sound of this clip that you should definitely buy the E.P.

Written by Richard Imms [MOR DNB]


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