Outsider – Ocean/ Pebbles (DDR006)


Discos Dead have been flooding the house / techno scene with interesting beats from new and upcoming artists for the past 8 months. This is a label which is truly dedicated to providing its fans with fantastic music; it was no surprise to me when their latest release was an instant favourite. The latest digital two-piece from under the radar producer, Outsider; who apart from a few pieces on his soundcloud, has no notable back catalogue. However, these two songs are the perfect summery techno soundtrack, and are further proof that Discos Dead are at the forefront of modern techno.

‘Ocean’ lives up its name from the very start, the muted drums and water like synth dominating the opening seconds, which quickly peak and open up to a very relaxing 2 step beat. Warm pulsing synths accompany the intro, which again reverts back to its hollow sounding audio effects and this furthers the idea that this tune was made underwater. He’s created an audio illusion of water in the build-up fantastically, and I hope this was his original intention; because it works perfectly. The drop is a well-orchestrated medley of balanced drums, lighter synths and a heavily modified repeating sample (in places). This all works well with the general flow of the tune though; it keeps the whole 6.45 sounding fresh, looping between various combinations of the aforementioned to keep the listener interested.

The B-Side track ‘Pebbles’ is more gritty, and leans away from the house vibes of the A-Side and towards darker techno, although still retaining the groove Outsider manages to embed in nearly all of his tunes. The intro focuses mainly on familiarising the listener with the sound set for the piece; an introduction trick used by many, but few manage to successfully grasp it. The drop builds up and the synths smash into the light drums and distorted metronome which have been going since the start; creating a high / low contrast which provides a really fully sound. In both tracks outsider provides numerous breakdowns and build ups, moving far away from the traditional ‘two drop’ template followed by most in modern electronic music; by the third drop ‘Pebbles’ has built up to a bass driven roller, with a brilliant consistent beat and a bass line worth writing home about. The end of this tune also deserves a special mention; the metronome style sound breaks down into a jagged medley of clicks as the beat itself winds down to, ending the track brilliantly.

It’s fantastic to see so many new producers being recognized in house/ techno at the moment, and Discos Dead seem to be right at the front of finding new people to expose. Keep your eye on them, and Outsider, for what will undoubtedly be many more great tunes.

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Written by Michael Thomas


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