Only Vibez: Ones to look out for in July


Neana – Bow Kat (8 Bar)

Neana’s got some serious material unreleased, and this is a personal favourite. Getting pushed by Bok Bok, will definitely be hearing a lot from this lad. His Just Jam session is superb too.

Decka Sound – We Just Wanted It to Be (Effy’s Basement Remix)

We released the original on our free compilation last year, and Effy have given it a real nice touch. They’ve also got an EP forthcoming which is sounding huge, and Decka Sound just gave away a free EP on which this track features.

Kalli – Dissociation 101

Straight techno sounds from another producer destined for big things. He’s got an abundance of unreleased output, and his Soundcloud is riddled with goodness

Sebmann – Time

Can’t get enough of Sebmann’s tunes, this and his forthcoming Nineteen89 release have been on heavy rotation recently. Really looking forward to having him play for us at Lightbox.

Llesca & Kalli – Untitled

Cut from the fantastic mix Llesca did for us, this collab with Kalli is ridiculous. Both been getting support from the School Records crew, and once a full version of this emerges, minds will be lost.

Denzel Curry – Threatz (Mickey Pearce Remix)

Pretty unexpected remix to say the least, but Mickey Pearce’s touch on one of the best hip hop tracks of this year is certainly a nice one.

Owiny Sigoma Band – Nyiduonge Drums

Heard this a lot lately and never knew what it was until a couple of days ago. Never really heard anything like this, kind of techno with an African folk influence. Absolutely delightful stuff.


Numbers never disappoint, and have possibly delivered the tune of summer 2013 with this. SOPHIE is a really exciting producer, and ‘Nothing More to Say’ was a difficult release to follow, but this and the flip, ‘Elle’ are both outstanding.

Mushy – Double Trouble

The marvellous Mushy brought us ‘Lady Killer’ a while back, and with a School release forthcoming, some more material has emerged. Both this track and ‘Close Conquest’ are ones to keep an eye and an ear open for.

Moire – I Don’t Get It

Been bumping a lot of Rush Hour stuff lately, and Moire’s release is absolutely solid, on the back of a great EP for Werk Discs.


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