Artist in Focus: M:Pathy (#SPK005)

In recent years people have been arguing that Drum & Bass has been reaching the end of its time, and while it certainly isn’t held in such high regard as it was in the early 00’s, if you look just a little below the surface there is still a huge variety of complex and interesting music still being made by die-hard fans of one of the original ‘darker’ electronic genres. M:Pathy is one of these fans, and shows no signs in ceasing his flow of 170 plates. Originating from High Wycombe, and residing between there and Birmingham, Mike has been producing DnB for over 4 years, and already has a decent selection of dubplates in and out of release. The artist additionally co-owns the bass music night ‘Origins’, a venture which has seen him Dj alongside the likes of Dillinja, Skeptikal, Break and many more top dons.


Like many artists his main platform was Soundcloud, until finally Terabyte recordings stepped up and took him on as a producer. He now boasts a small but hard hitting back catalogue of gritty 170 pieces.  The most recent, TB006, features two tracks from the man himself, “The Grind / Meditate”, which hit the shelves this last month. The A side is a really, really dark and techy piece of music which incorporates extremely minimal drums, keeping the beat locked on that 2 step feel. Bass kicks scattered throughout help the piece to continue hitting hard, but still completely grounded as far as pace is concerned. A real eyes down 170 banger, and is a sure fire dance-floor destroyer.

The flip side sticks true to its name, and sample, with airy, light percussion and a hard hitting weighty bass line, you really can meditate on ‘Meditate’. With some tactical mastering, a single ‘click’ from the percussion stands out above all other sounds, which creates a metronome style effect keeping you rooted to the beat with no option but to move with it. More upbeat, but still just as destructive; ‘Meditate’ does not disappoint fans of techy 170.

To find out a bit more about the man behind the tunes, and how he got to where he is now, and what it’s like running a night in Birmingham:


Spectrum: Safe Mike, nice one for giving us a few words! Hope it’s all well in camp origins?

M:Pathy: No worries! Yeah all is well, starting to prepare for our next round of events…quite excited!

Spectrum:  Your turning 1 soon i remember! How would you say the first year has gone? As you expected?

M:Pathy:  Yeah it’s been a crazy year so far, some ups and downs but overall a great experience so far. Didn’t really know what to expect as it was all new to us but these things are always a learning curve

Spectrum:  Indeed they are man, and you’ve certainly brought names to the scene that for awhile I thought I would never be seeing in birmingham. Predominantly your a DNB night but with room 2 featuring a lot of alternative bass, how have the crowds taken to it?

M:Pathy:  Well we weren’t sure how well Birmingham would receive the music we are trying to push but everyone that’s come down has enjoyed themselves. Some of the deeper 140 and 130 may have been slightly risky for Birmingham but on one of our nights we saw people going harder to it then the dnb in room. As a whole we at Origins love to push deep music across all genres!

Spectrum:  Overall I think it’s been a victory though, Benton’s set was a huge success if I remember rightly! Outside of the issues though, what kind of things can we expect from the first birthday? Or is it too early to tell…

M:Pathy: Yeah definitely! Well I can’t give away too much but we will back again with some deep music that will whet the appetite of any serious bass music enthusiasts. Keep tuned to Origins for more information!

Spectrum:  Lets talk more about your personal things though, how long have you been making 170? and what original got you behind the buttons?

M:Pathy:  Been making 170 for a few years now and it has always been the focus point of my production. I originally got into in my year out, I didn’t have anything to do and wrote a list of things I wanted to try out. Got fruity loops on recommendation from a mate and I have been hooked since!

Spectrum:  Well it’s certainly going well! Few people ever make it onto a proper label, especially in such a huge genre. How long have you been into drum and bass? And who were your original inspirations?

M:Pathy:  Been into DNB since I was 16, surprisingly enough before I got into it I hated the genre but the early Hospital sound was what got me into it. High Society and Now More Than Ever were real game changers for me, after that DNB was the only thing I listened to.

Spectrum:  Early hospital was such a winner, I miss those days. They’ve moved so far away from their old liquid sound, which is such a shame! So what do you see for yourself in the future? This free tune is a far step away from your usual music! (and sounds amazing!)

M:Pathy: More tunes I guess! I definitely want to branch out of my comfort zone and dabble in 140 and 130 more. Onwards was my first proper stab at a 130 tune and I am very pleased with the results!

Spectrum:  Yeah man its a really sick piece of music, I’ve played it to a few of my bass head friends and they’re all really vibing off it. Your lack of 130 experience has shown, but in a great way, its a really original piece of music that someone who’s spent a long time around that BPM might not of been able to achieve. Everyone should be downloading this track! Thanks for catching up with us though Mike, keep us posted on your musical movements!

M:Pathy: No worries mate! Massive thanks to Spectrum crew for having me!

Finally we’ve got M:Pathy’s addition to the #SPK series, and despite what you might have been expecting from his previous releases, it’s a dark 130 piece, full of atmosphere and bass. Check it out here, you’d be mad not to download this one. A really unique piece of music:

Check out M:Pathy;

Check Origins Birmingham out;


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