Justify Spectrum Podcast #009

Justify has been mixing a bit longer than most on the scene currently, and his experience shines through with his precise blends and well thought out tune selection. This Podcast is an up to date Journey through dubstep from the FatKidOnFire DJ, and features many fantastic 140 beats.

Thelem – Drones (TMSV Remix) FKOF UN/KNOWN Album
Texstep – The Source – Dub
Skream – Phatty Drummer – Deep Medi
Texstep – Zoooot – Dub
Outbound – Crisis – Dub
Kong – Lean From Each Other – Digital Weapons Dub
Perverse – Hallidome – FKOF UN/KNOWN Album
Biome – Shaman – On The Edge
Arkwright – Kunai – Dub
Adam Kroll – Mighty Earth – Tribe12 Freebie
Sick – Fatboy (Artikal Remix) – NoMad Dub
Sick – Blackbird – FKOF Freebie
Krypttic Minds – Just After Sunset
Kaiju feat Flowdan – Hunter – Osiris Music
Asylum – Germinate – Crunch Recordings
Content – Origin – FKOF Freebie
Christopher Yikes – Get Down – FKOF Freebie
Mentha & Murka – 1992 (Ipman Remix)
SP:MC – Trust Nobody – Tempa
Format – The Cycle – Dub
Seven – Go To War – Uprise Audio
Kaiju – Monster Jim – JLD Freebie
Piezo – Pink Foot – Dub
Morrison & One40 – Make It Run – Dub
Eleven8 – Motions – FKOF UN/KNOWN Album

Soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/justifydubstep


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