Infernal Sounds: Top 10 for June


Wayfarer – Reflections

Wayfarer’s taken it up a gear with this latest track, combining beautiful vocals with his trademark tribally percussion. By toning down his usual aggressive, energy filled style; he’s proven he can also make a deeper, more easy listening track, riddled with his subtle tiger-like growls. This one is forthcoming on the Uprise Audio album ‘Live From The Future’ [UALPS1], released later this year.

TMSV – Haze (??? Remix)

The low bass and tribal fuelled original was one of my favourite productions to date from TMSV, yet it’s been revamped and perhaps surpasses the original. The artist is still unknown, but whoever it is has beefed up the structure of the track, giving it a much more warlike persona. I’d hazard a guess that this is a LX ONE production, but I wouldn’t like to say for sure. The original is forthcoming on Artikal Music UK in the near future.

Kahn – Untitled

Although it’s not definite this is a Kahn production, you can effectively nail this to him, from the swaggering bass stabs, the chords used and the obvious grime orientation behind the entire structure. Everything he produces involves that really heavy hitting bass line, crafted for the best sound systems around.

Geode – Jade

Eccentric approach from Geode, further proving not everything in the scene is laced with darkness. One part of the Chord Marauders, he has implemented imagination into all of his pieces, using abstract sounds and a bouncing percussion.

Truth – Untitled

Yet another Truth production, adding to the shed load of dubs they have floating around the dubstep scene at the minute. These pair are some of the most talented producers in the game currently, delivering a synth orientated track, fortified by their typical driving bass. If you listen closely, you can hear the Perverse style clang on the third, that they’ve cheekily slipped in.

Nomine – Anxiety

Nomine is funnelling out tracks, with his ‘Nomine’s War EP’ forthcoming on Tempa as #078 in the series. He’s layered bleeping high’s and an under growling bass line, over a reverberating robotic exterior. This one is apparently forthcoming also, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for that.

Quantum Soul – Gerka

Quantum Soul has been one to watch of late, with his ground breaking release on InnamindRecordings featuring ‘Strong Root/Rolling Thunder’, he’s continued creating tracks containing that dubby sound, built for the perfect sound systems. He maintains his signature earthy and organic sound, placing tapping drums to coordinate with his throbbing bass line.

Kahn & Neek – Chevy VIP

There’s not much that needs to be said in relation to this track, as I think the title says it all. They just keep getting better with every production, switching this one into an even more aggressive grime VIP track. They’ve smartly kept several of the original sounds, and acutely placed them to correspond with the punching gunshot chops to deliver a real strut to the track.

Unknown – Untitled (Forthcoming Artikal Music UK)

J:Kenzo and Mosaix music label, Artikal Music UK, are becoming even more predominant within the underground dubstep scene over the past year. They’ve began churning out various huge releases featuring Genetix, Perverse and Sleeper, with forthcoming music also coming from Ipman and TMSV. It seems J:Kenzo wants to keep a lid on the artist and track title for this one, however, has stated it’s signed to the label. The beautiful synth work and surging bass fuelled mids make this one for me; it’s layered so perfectly throughout, with various different atmospheric sounds.

Distance & Youngsta – Untitled

I never thought I’d see this combination, but Distance spun it out on Minimal Mondays during Youngsta’s absence a couple weeks back. You can evidently see the two styles blending together, with distance’s textbook synth work and Youngsta’s echoing slicing sounds, it’s a match of perfect proportion.

Finally would like to say again from Infernal Sounds; Big up all the other YouTube channels pushing the underground minimal sounds and special thanks to
who all feature in this post.


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