Interview with Kaium Records


Kaium Records
are a recently established label, specialising in bringing out the freshest underground dubstep/dark bass music from a variety of up and coming artists. Although currently the label only has one release to their name, direct from Widowmaker, they have #002 verging on release and #003 already in the works. The next release will feature two tracks from Fornax and a cheeky bonus track from the collaborated duo of Fornax and Content; FNC, taking futuristic organic sounds to a whole different level. We were lucky enough to catch up with the creator and mentor of the label, Daniel Kaium and dive deeper into his motives and direction involving the label.

Spectrum: Although we’ve briefly gone over what Kaium Records is about, for people who actually haven’t heard, how would you describe the label and what it’s seeking to achieve?

Kaium: Kaium Records is a new label, focussed on pushing the deeper / darker side of 140 bass music as both digital & 12″ vinyl. We are distributed worldwide via ST Holdings. We aim to release top quality underground music, and help push the artists we release in any way possible.

Spectrum: What were your motives and reasons behind wanting to set up your own label?

Kaium: I’ve wanted to set up a label for a while now… I used to watch how some labels operate, and felt I wanted a chance to do things in my own way. I also felt there were too many wicked tunes being made but not being released or even recognised, so I wanted to do my part to try and get these artists heard, and also support the scene.

Spectrum: Setting up a label is often something most can only dream of, but now you’ve got going, what were the main hurdles to cross?

Kaium: I would say the main hurdles are still to come. Setting up a label is just the beginning. Planning can only take you so far, thereafter you have to take a few leaps of faith. But if I had to say what the main hurdles of setting up are, I would probably say getting a distributor on board, and also artists (as you have no reputation at this point).

Spectrum: Do you produce any music yourself or DJ at all, or is your time constricted mainly on the label?

Kaium: Yeah I used to produce under Soul Captive, but I think I’m going to come out with a new alias in the near future. I’ve been working on my production and waiting till it’s ready to be heard really. Running a label has slowed down my production rate though, as I have to balance the business and creative side of music. I like to DJ at home, but haven’t played out yet. I recently put my first mix online a few weeks back which is on my personal SoundCloud, available to download now!

Spectrum: what artists have you got your eye on? Perhaps not in relation to the label, but more just artists who are really impressing you at the minute.

Kaium: To start off I would have to say Geode, the guy’s production and musical ideas are insane. Thelem is also on the list, constantly pumping out incredible tunes, very well thought out and produced. To name a few more: Ipman, Kaiju & Icicle (Fornax / Arka too, obviously!).

Spectrum: What costs have you incurred from the initial set up of the label?

Kaium: The main initial set up costs have been registering the label as a company, and also paying a solicitor to write up a contract. Some labels like to rely on word of mouth to agree releases etc, but I have been messed about by not signing a contract before, so even though it was expensive, I wanted to make sure I had one for my artists.

Spectrum: Have you been met with any opposition from other labels, perhaps the more established, well known labels?

Kaium: There isn’t any conflict between labels (that I can say from my experience so far). I have made some good friends with people who also run labels; we speak frequently about releases and support each other. It’s all about showing love; we’re all trying to work to achieve the same outcome. We can achieve more working together as opposed to against each other!

Spectrum: How have you gone about promoting yourself and Kaium as a whole?

Kaium: I don’t know really, I’ve been networking with people in the scene, telling them what I’m about and what I intend to do. Going out to 140 nights and spreading the word there, social networks, blogs & Soundcloud have been a big help to getting the name out too.

Spectrum: What are your plans for the future of the label, growth wise and whether you have certain artists you’d want to draw in?

Kaium: Looking to the future, as cliché as it sounds, I want to keep the label real. Hopefully I’ll try and put together a Kaium night once we’re ready! Yeah I have certain artists who I’m going to be contacting in the future, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait and see ;). I have 003 & 004 already lined up; I’ll probably announce 003 a few weeks after 002 comes out, so keep an eye out!

Spectrum: Thanks a lot for taking the time out to answer our questions Dan, we hope the label thrives and continues in the footsteps you’ve already taken. Spectrum will be keeping a very close eye on all the releases in the future, and we hope to get involved together again soon.

Kaium: Cheers for taking the time to put the interview together, big up Spectrum. Pre-orders for KAIUM002 are now available via Chemical Records & Surus (receive free MP3’s when you buy the vinyl from Surus):

Also, as an apology for the delay on 002, if you buy the vinyl and email us a copy of your receipt to, we’ll send you Fornax – Raijin & Endemic for free!

Take a look back at the review of #002 –

Written By Drew Jones


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