Terror Danjah/Champion – Sons of Anarchy EP Review (HDB073)

sons of anarchy

This 4-track vinyl EP with 2 digital bonus tracks, brought to you by Kode 9’s seminal Hyperdub, sees veteran Terror Danjah team up with the relatively new on the scene Champion. The vinyl is comprised of two individual tracks and two collaborations with two further solo tunes as digital bonuses. The individual tracks embrace a slightly darker sound than the tropical feel of the two team efforts. The feel good party vibe of their combined efforts is not surprising as they represent the coming together of one of the finest purveyors of grime with an unfaltering supporter of UK funky.

‘Glide’ is the solo effort from Terror Danjah and starts the EP off in frenetic style. The piercing synths and chunky bass line drive this track which is actually the most minimalistic on show here though still a funky work out. ‘Stone Island’ really hits home as both producers styles vie for the limelight though at no point clashing; this is a match up that was meant to be. The ebb and flow of the bassline throughout lets the track flow and progress. The breakdown of this tune has a real tribal sound which is gradually reduced before the second drop reintroduces the hysteria.

Champion’s 8-bit flashback, ‘Bowser’s Castle’, places the playful old school melody over some heavy-hitting bass and a prime example of Champion’s intricate percussion. At points the bass is manipulated to take over the melody which adds a great bit of variety to the track. The highlight of this release is ‘Explode’, the pinnacle of the tropical party sound previously mentioned. The kick hits hard and is supplemented by some intricate, ever-changing percussion. This dancehall banger meshes together so many different rhythms over stabbing synths and tonnes of great vocal samples. This is the sort of tune that gets a dance floor lively and gets sweat dripping from the ceiling.

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Written by Andy Brennan


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