Only Vibez: Ones to look out for in June

Viers – Your Body


Been following Viers for quite a while now so really nice to see him get a release on Church, whose releases so far have all been class. He’s also got a big amount of unreleased tunes scattered around which are well worth looking up!


Myler – Blue Madams


This is forthcoming on Fifth Wall, another great techno track to add to their consistent run of releases so far from the likes of Clouds and Hound Scales.


Amy Winehouse – Stronger (Moony Remix)


Never tire of garage and Moony really makes this work! This track is also a free download, and his recent 4 track EP is worth checking too.


Klic & Riskotheque – Compton


Only a clip of this floating around at the moment, forthcoming on 877 Records, a really exciting label. Slightly different from the usual output from these producers, but definitely doesn’t disappoint. The flip from Donga & Blake also one to look forward to!


Chubba – Shut Up and Move (Majora’s ‘I Won’t Tell You Again’ Remix)


Forthcoming on Odea Records, the original is also top notch, as are the other two tracks. Chubba’s got some great releases lined up, and Majora’s addition to this gives a really nice vibe.


Just Kiddin – I Want U


Not a new tune, but astonished that this isn’t more popular. Essentially the perfect summer track, sure to get completely rinsed this summer. That video too.


Circula – Salt (Cloaka Remix)


Featured a couple of Circula’s tracks in the May list, and he just keeps on delivering. Cloaka is another great producer we’ve posted tracks from, and he really steps up on this remix. Forthcoming on the brilliant Disco’s Dead Records.





Scientific Dreamz of U – Skyrmion Crystal


Another essential summer jam, you just feel the positive vibes make their way through your body. Got another track on YouTube which is completely different but equally as large.


Sui Generis – The Priest


Just released on Mansion Records, Sui Generis has delivered a really on point EP, and is picking up a lot of support. With collaborations with Route 94 in the pipeline, can only imagine there are big things to come.


OHM – Tribal Tone (Mo’ Better Grooves Mix)


Originally released over twenty years ago, this has just been re-released by the marvelous Unknown to the Unknown label. All 4 versions on the EP are magic, but feel this one is the pick of the bunch.




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