Hanga – RUMP + Sirloin E.P.


Only 17 years old and already producing pure fire; I saw this latest Hanga release on Only Vibez and its ‘meat theme’ instantly caught my eye. Within 10 minutes of the first listen I’d bought the tune. This is one of the best bass driven techno EPs I have come across in a long time. Hanga is relatively new on the scene, this was his first piece I had heard personally and I instantly fell in love with his dirty garage bass lines and 4×4 beats.

Rump is a very industrial track; a dark, Berlin style piece of techno. Echoing drums and symbols haunt the intro, with the general rhythm being slowly teased more and more. As it drops, it becomes clear very quickly Hanga was not messing around when he produced these tunes, a complex array of fast paced synths and hard hitting electronic sounds pound you. The second drop is something else as well, I love it when an artist puts as much effort into making his second drops as eye opening as the first, and not just a carbon copy designed to repeat the hype. The tune completely breaks down into what can only be described as an industrial soundscape, only to have the beat leap back out at you with a now more complex mash of drums. Absolute techno perfection and I’m really excited to see what else Hanga can come out with. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if labels like School or Swamp signed Hanga up, his music is progressing brilliantly.

The second tune is Sirloin, moving away from the industrial darker side, this song is a perfect mash of pounding 4×4 kick drums, intertwined with lighter clicks and twangs to give a really atmospherically driven piece of music. The alternating high hats give the piece its upbeat feel, and I’m really looking forward to playing this one out, I bet it destroys a dance floor. When the bass kicks in it’s clear to see Hanga has taken his influence from proper bassline, that grimey wobble sound that we were so used to hearing on Addicted To Bass back in 2002. He’s reignited it with a perfect techno backdrop, and it has worked perfectly.

Links to hanga on soundcloud:


Links to Only vibes post of the tune:


Links to bandcamp:



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