Infernal Sounds: Top 10 Tracks of May


Truth – Devil’s Hands VIP

Truth’s recent release on Tempa featuring Devil’s Hands/I Belong was an instant smasher to draw on in a mix, perfect for the bass transfusions. This is the VIP version, recently played on their guest feature mix on Youngsta’s show. They’ve somehow spruced the fundamental elements of the track and laced it with even more malevolent sounds.

Unknown – Untitled

‘A Kaleidoscope of sound deep from the underground’. When the artist and track name is unknown to some of the biggest blogs/channels in the game, you know the vibe implemented on the track is going to be serious. This future banger is writhing with driving energy and heavyweight percussion.

Quantum Soul – Strong Root VIP

This track needs no introduction, with the original being released fairly recently on InnamindRecordings, it capitulates ultimate euphoria with the clean vocals. This VIP doesn’t let up, being crafted into a stomper and completely dubbed up with a much harder bass line, making it a perfect rework of the original.

DubApes – Vicious Eyestrain

This one is absolutely next level, deep and dangerous sounds from DubApes. The eastern orientation on this track is a really nice feature used during the intro of the track, and the samples they’ve formed are alien-like, emitting stupendous amounts of aggression.

AxH – Untitled

The fact the sample is a cheeky snippet from an R&B track is brilliant, and the way it’s been transformed into a daunting introduction to the track holds such imagination. He’s a producer fairly unknown to most over in the UK as he’s based in the US, but he’s certainly one to look out for as his tracks have instantly become regulars in Youngsta’s mixes. He’s got a dangerous style to his production.

Amit ft. Rani – Stay With Me (Kryptic Minds Remix)

It was difficult to imagine that the original of ‘Stay With Me’ could be improved at all, but up stepped Kryptic Minds to take on the challenge. With this remix they’ve certainly proved they can touch any track and layer it with cave-based sounds, threading the exterior of the track with a much more gritty bass line, yet somehow making the vocals of the track sound that much more embracing.

J:Kenzo – Untitled

J:Kenzo keeps bringing the weight, with a continuous line of fresh production, proving he’s one of the top in the game at the moment. This track even makes Youngsta go wild in the studio, bursting in and getting the rewind. It’s got such a swagger to it, combined with that smouldering bass line.

AxH – Untitled

Another track from USA’s AxH Youngsta has been rinsing; appearing from the darkness. Again his production is immaculate on this track and I particularly like the rolling drums throughout and the siren based sample ringing out during the second drop. Definitely watch out for this guy.

Unknown – Untitled

The mesmerizing synth work used throughout the entire track is brilliant. The drop reveals a backlashing bass surge and radiates an eyes down, militant aura. I would really be interested in finding out who produced this track, as I wouldn’t even be able to hazard a guess.

Kaiju – Hunter VIP

This one taken from the recent guest mix from Kaiju on Minimal Mondays. The original is one of the biggest tracks released this year, and this could easily be one of the biggest VIP’s of the year. They’ve implemented a much grimier approach than the original and given it a more traditional Kaiju flex.

Finally would like to just say from Infernal Sounds; big up all the other YouTube channels pushing the futuristic minimal sounds and special thanks to
who both feature in this post.


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