Kaiju – Hunter / Snagglepuss OSMUK029


Kaiju are a lethal dubstep duo from the UK who went quiet around the end of last year, but around January they exploded back onto the scene with an arsenal of dubs they had been perfecting in the laboratory during their absence. With a selection of dubplates capable of adding up to potentially several hours of unreleased music, it’s always exciting when a Kaiju release is announced, as the range of music they have to choose from is impressively wide. This release sees the first full vocal track to be brought out on Osiris, and I can’t think of anyone more fitting to provide it than Flowdan, someone who I seem to be constantly reviewing indirectly recently! This man has made some serious movements of late and should not go unnoticed.


The title track here is the Flowdan tune, ‘Hunter’, with its dark rolling bass lines and complex percussion. It’s a really haunting piece of music perfectly suited to the Osiris label, even though it includes a vocal accompaniment. With support from Youngsta from its unveiling, it was always clear this song was going to be a classic. The verses from Flowdan move along perfectly with Kaiju’s dark synths and pulsing bass, a really unique sounding piece of music that works perfectly with Osiris’s recent branching out into new styles.

The flipside to this is Snagglepuss, a tune that up until the release date announcement had somehow avoided my ears, and I was in for a pleasant surprise. The intro is a haunting world, with hollow drums and a really eerie pan pipe in the back ground. These elements all build together, each teasing more than the other, until finally it reaches a crescendo, with a heavily modified single vocal note, which breaks down into the violent synths and pounding 3rd beat snare. Throughout the piece there are exaggerated high end noises, which match the darker elements perfectly, creating a really atmospheric song with plenty of flow. The second drop sees Kaiju backing up their ability to non-conforming drum patterns, pushing the snare onto the 4th and creating a really half-step feel to the piece. It gives real variety to the piece of music overall, and makes this tune into the unique masterpiece it is.

Overall, another fantastic piece from the Kaiju lads, a duo that over the last year have shown they really demand some respect within this genre. Keep your eyes peeled for more articles we have coming from these guys in the next month, something really special headed your way!

Written By Michael Thomas.

Grab the release for yourself now:


For more information:




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