The Uprising EP Review (UA004)

UA004 1

The fourth instalment from Seven’s Uprise Audio label lives up to its name, providing 5 tracks that could soundtrack any uprising with militant drums and the heaviest of bass lines throughout. Following on from a release as big as Walter White/Medievil was always going to be a tough one but this collective effort from the UA gang certainly does that; bringing forth 5 tracks of complete tribal warfare that firmly cements this label at the forefront of future minded bass music.

First up is ‘Go To War’ by the label boss himself, Seven. Atmosphere builds up through the short intro before the drums begin pounding. The snare on this one cuts through the track and really emphasises the half step rhythm. Bass rumbles underneath along with the midrange stabs to make this one a real stepper that’s seen a lot of support from Youngsta and various other top djs.

Klax and Disonata’s ‘Lost Souls’ is another drum driven stomper. The track builds to a climactic drop amid a tense combination of percussion, squelching mids and dial tone-esque beeps. Once the expertly crafted bass is fully unleashed it’s hard to imagine a single person still on a dance floor to this, especially as the track builds with ever more intricate percussion. As soon as I received this track it was straight to my decks as this is a dream to mix with.

Wayfarer, whose ‘Fall of the Zulu’ will forever be one of my favourite tunes, supplied the next track, ‘Shaman’. This is another shining example of this man’s ability to produce outside a lot of the conventions of dubstep, pushing forward a really unique sound. Organic drums collide with the harsh, growling synths throughout to give a real menacing aura to this fantastic piece of music.

Penultimate track, ‘Underworld’ is a moody, eyes down affair brought to you by Quantum Soul. The drum track is brought forward in the mix to great effect and along with the brooding bassline produces a fantastic cut of minimal and dark menace.

Dubtek & Chewie collaborate for the final track to produce the weighty and spacious ‘Primitive’. The record starts with a threatening sample that projects you forward into the drop with its powerful bass. The track progresses along with ever faster high hats and some great drum rolls building to a memorable piece of minimalist dubstep.

Overall, this is pretty much a faultless EP, all 5 tracks being brilliant in their own way. With the quality they have brought so far I, for one, am excited about what the future holds for this great new label.

Make sure you check out the Uprise Audio Facebook page:

and their Soundcloud:

Written by Andy Brennan


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