Artist In Focus: Turner (#SPK003)

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Turner is an underground 140 artist, specialising in the deeper and darker side of the genre, experimenting with a variety of different samples, synths and layered drum patterns. He is surely on the verge of capturing his first release. With impeccable tracks like ‘Sublow’ and ‘Civil Defence’ amongst a variety of different sounding dubplates, it is only time before a label snaps him up. Spectrum have been very interested in the works of Turner over the past year, so we thought we’d dive deep into the producer/DJ’s mind to explore what he’s like away from the decks.

In addition to the interview you can find below, Turner was kind enough to give us a track we’ll be giving away through the blog, track entitled ‘Dream Snatcher’.
The track begins with a lengthy harrowing vocal sample, immersing listeners in a real dark and gritty atmosphere drawing towards 32nd bar. I find the sample itself really creepy, perfectly chosen for the track. The drop delivers puncturing samples, wrapped with clockwork chimes and bell towers clanging, maintaining a rigid, stomping beat. He layers flowing electrified synths with the varying tapping high’s and his natural heavy sub-bass. This track emits a disturbing aura, as though it was forged in the abattoir.

: To start off with, for anyone who hasn’t heard your sound, or any of your tracks, explain what you’re about and how you’d describe the music you produce?

Turner: I just love producing and DJ’ing music. It’s a passion that’s only really come about over the last few years, music’s always been a big part of my life growing up but I never really thought I’d try to pursue something in it. The music I make is very sub heavy, but I understand that it’s important for this music (these days) to translate over radio waves so get people interested in the first place, otherwise not many will want to pay money to hear a tune live if they think it sounds boring in headphones. With that in mind I always try and fill my tunes up nicely.

Spectrum: Who would you say was your biggest influence within the dubstep scene?

 I would say as a running influence in the producing side of things has to be Kryptic Minds, the production value on their music is off the charts and makes me push my production skills harder every new tune because I know that if I don’t, my music will just fly under the radar. As a DJ though Youngsta has always held the top spot for me, although Icicle’s diversity within his sets has impressed me over the last year.

Spectrum: Do you have any influences other than dubstep, which helps when producing your sound?

Turner: Yes definitely, I like to listen to all types of music and draw inspiration from them, and even some sounds within nature grab my attention when looking for new samples. I don’t carry an iPod around with me so I’ve always got an ear out for things that give me ideas when I’m out and about.

Spectrum: Are there any releases in the pipeline that we’re unaware of? Anything you may be keeping close to your chest?

Turner: I don’t have any music signed as of yet, I want to keep my releases to a minimum, I see myself as a business and I want to keep it unsaturated and only put out the prime of my material. There’s a possibility of starting my own label and night down here on the coast that’s been playing around in my mind for the last year or so, I like the idea of having a night similar to SYSTEM, keeping the vibes and the formula but having it in a smaller Brighton location. There may also be a radio slot I’ll be starting soon on a brand new radio station that I can’t mention yet, but keep your ears lowered for that!

Spectrum: Where’s the best venue you’ve ever played at?

I think for this I’ll have to say GetDarker, which is a tricky one because it’s an online stream that borders on a live venue *laughs*. But when I was in there the vibes were good and the decks and entire set up was spot on so technically that’d be the best venue.

Spectrum: Where’s the best night you’ve played at, not in relation to venue or tangible factors, just for the best crowd response and vibe?

Turner:  This would have to be at the Haunt in Brighton. I was supporting Joker and it was the largest physical crowd I’ve played to. Everyone got into it and a lot of my mates came down and seeing people who aren’t dubstep fans enjoying my set was a great feeling.

Spectrum: If you had to sift through all the gems that have come out this year, what track would you choose as your favourite?

Turner: It’s probably quite predictable but the Namaste EP has to be my favourite release, I’m just gutted that I had no money to get it when it came out! As for one that I’ve actually bought I think it might be the Titan release (Distance & Cyrus) purely because that second drop gets me every time. I’m looking forward to nabbing up the Changes Harmonimix and the forthcoming Uprise Audio EP will definitely be an instabag. Although one more that may have slipped under the radar for many is the Klax (Riskotheque & Locustlung) Remix of Transition of Perspective by Kial. If you haven’t heard that go and listen now, it’s a definite buy.

Spectrum: I know you like to play around with bootlegs, mash them up and create something really unusual and different. Is all your production spontaneous or do you thoroughly think about a project and strive to perfect it?

Turner: I’m definitely a thorough thinker about my projects. Usually with the bootlegs I’ll hear the original tune on an off-chance somewhere and in my head I’ll think about how I’d personally have liked the tune to sound. So they’re sort of selfish in a way because it’s like how I think the tune should’ve been made, not disrespecting the original ones at all though. With my original projects I’ll usually be out and about and the tune will just form in my head with bits and bobs of things I’ve produced in the past. Because of this sometimes I go a week or so without opening logic purely because of a lack of ideas, but I know something will come around eventually, and it’s in that time I’ll work on my DJ’ing so I’m always productive.

Spectrum:  I’m personally really desperate for ‘Sublow’ to come out and you’ve certainly got some other destructive tracks like ‘Pyrotechnic’ that need to be shown the light of day. If you could choose any label to release on, who would it be?

Turner: I would love to be a part of the SYSTEM label, I personally see that as this generation’s Deep Medi and I think it will become just as influential in the future. I also think that Wheel & Deal would be a great family to be a part of, also the Osiris/Tempa labels but that’s for the absolute elite producers of this generation.

Spectrum:  In this scene, perseverance and adapting your technique is definitely the key. Where would you like to be in a year’s time? Surely there’s a place for you to prosper in a scene which is growing at such a rapid rate?

Turner: I would love to be carving my way into the scene in a year’s time, with a couple of releases and maybe my own night under my belt along with radio. I have some projects on the go with a couple of vocalists that aren’t all necessarily going to be dubstep which some other radio stations may be interested in playing, I like the idea of expanding my platter to appeal to many different audiences, but I’ll never stop being in the deeper side of the scene.

Spectrum: Thanks a lot for the time you’ve taken to answer our questions, supporting our blog and supplying us with a free track. The best of luck for the future!

Head on over to our soundcloud to download this amazing track (#SPK003)

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Written By Drew Jones


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