Only Vibez: Ones To Look Out For In May

Llesca – Sharks (Checan 2 Sugars Remix)

Llesca is definitely a producer to watch out for, some great stuff forthcoming, including this Sharks EP on Get Some Records. The remixes are all top drawer, and this one by UTTU producer Checan is no exception, huge vibes throughout.

Sebmann – Shtun

One of the stand out tunes this year for us. Everything about it is just spot on. Sebmann is another one to watch out for this year, with this tune forthcoming and undoubtedly plenty more in store.

Lee Konitz – Valentino

Produced by a producer under an alias, this one is really working it for me what with the warm weather and all. We need more ten minute long feel good tunes. Video is wonderful as well.

Circula – Blunt

Circula’s been getting a lot of attention recently, delivering a really refreshing sound. Pretty difficult to pick one of his tunes but this one is getting absolutely battered lately. A quick YouTube search for ‘Circula’ is recommended.

Route 8 – AAAA

Great track made even more impressive by the fact that all his productions are made live on hardware. His Soundcloud is full of fire.

Imami – Madhouse

Recently featuring on LuckyMe’s Rinse show, really enjoying this tune from Imami. Along with ‘Slappy’ both have a fairly incomparable sound about them, which is always good to hear!

State – Soul Array

State was one of the contributors to our OnlyVibez compilation, so it’s wicked to see him have his first proper release pressed to wax as No Logo’s debut record. Each one of the three tracks is straight techno gold.

??? – ???

Sadly can’t say who this is, and when we got sent it we weren’t even told. One of the best uses of sampling I’ve heard in ages though, and when it drops it kills me every time. Stay tuned to the video, info soon come.

Rebound X – Rhythm & Gash (Arctic Remix)

Another OnlyVibez compilation contributor, Arctic is a quality grime producer based in Australia. Gives this absolute classic a really nice touch that’s got to make you move. His ‘Shook EP’ is forthcoming on Coyote Records, with the previews up now.

Mella Dee & Origin – Jack Herer

Was proper chuffed to see that these two have joined forces to get some tunes out. Been following both for a while now and this definitely doesn’t disappoint, combining Mella Dee’s garage style flavour with Origin (who’s an alias for another producer)’s magic.


If for some reason you haven’t already then check out their facebook:

and their youtube channel:



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