Kahn EP


Bristol’s Kahn is a man of many talents, with his varied back catalogue of grime, alternative house and dubstep, it’s never easy to guess what he’s going to bring out. When I saw a 5 track EP on blackbox, at first I expected a solid 140 release, however as usual I was pleasantly surprised with a variety of bpms in a mixture of styles, all interestingly featuring at least one prominent vocal element. Another thing that is consistent though is the spotless production, every tunes levels are a masterpiece, this music really has been made to be listened to loud. With the low pounding basslines and echoing drums, this is sound system music to the core.

The opening track, “Prophet”, with a vocal/ spoken word segment from Rider Shafique, is a spooky, rather quiet and eerie piece of music, with echoing silences and huge contrast between percussion and rumbling basslines. With this a real atmosphere is created. Here Kahn has managed to provide a very moving piece of spoken word, placed perfectly over the music. He uses echoing and female harmonies to perfection, this piece is thick with soul and the chilling words suit this mood perfectly. A real chilling piece, the prophet live!

Badman City steps up the pace, the most energetic track on the EP, with in your face vocals from lyrical genius Flowdan, who was been making movements all across the music scene at the moment. Real one to watch, master on the microphone. To support the choruses is a real stomping soundtrack, using Kahn’s trademark dark horn, something no one else has ever managed to recreate It falls somewhere between grime instrumental and dungeon dubstep, and it appears in a number of Kahn’s tunes. Now I’m not saying he repeats a sound, in every song it has a unique twist, but it does come across in a few pieces, and it’s one of my favourite noises to hear out of a sound system, especially Vivek’s system.

Slowing down the tempo this time to 120bpm and sticking with the use of vocalists is ‘Snake Eyes’, this time with the urban sounds of Jabu, whose quick flows keep up with the beats and really give the piece purpose. Kahn shows his ability to adapt to any style in this piece, a more laidback relaxing vibe, a great tune to sit back chill with.

The fourth track is 2 minute atmospheric soundscape called ‘Cover Me’, this is more of an interlude for what is a rather meaty EP. It’s a nice anomaly within the darkness, and when it came on it was a pleasant surprise.

The final piece slows it right down to close the show, a half-step soulful piece, with emotional vocals and a hollow repetitive beat behind it. Not my personal cup of tea, but as a standalone track it’s an interesting experimental piece of music. A nice way to finish a rather impressive EP.

Check out Kahn EP now in stores, it’s a real treat to listen to and features a few great tunes to add to your collection, a real pick and mix of fulfilling music.

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