Artist in Focus: Arkwright (#SPK002)

arkwright 1

Recently, Arkwright has been taking the tribal scene by storm, with his interesting precussion choices, especially his pounding drums, his tunes sound mostly like something straight out of an aboriginal horror movie. With support from dubstep legends such as Hatcha, Beezy and Joe Nice, it is no wonder he is beginning to make a real mark on the current scene, and building up his back catalogue nicely. With a recent 3 track EP on Imperial Audio, and plenty more releases in the pipeline, this guy really is one to watch.

We caught up with him recently to ask how his movement into the dubstep scene has gone, and where he is heading:

Spectrum: How are things going for yourself musically at the moment, any new releases?

Arkwright: Things are going great thank you! I lost a ton of work on christmas day because of a virus so I got to give a load of tunes away which I always really enjoy and my Retaliate EP has just been released on Imperial Audio which hit #15 in the deep dubstep charts which was a brilliant result!

Spectrum: With so many ‘labels’ for genres at the moment, how would you define the music you make personally?

Arkwright: I always say my music is dubstep, I make a massive array of sounds, deep sublow tunes, tribal and more ambient tunes, yet it’s all at 140 and dubstep. It annoys me when artists make dubstep but try and shy away from the fact that it’s actually dubstep and make up ridiculous names for it haha.

Spectrum: Broadly speaking, so not necessarily just dubstep, who are your top 5 influences musically?

Arkwright: Well one of the first people to make me want to actually produce music was High Contrast, then it’s probably DJ Fresh (Pre Rita Ora days haha), Breakage is one of my heroes, The Others and finally Skream!

Spectrum: Best venue you’ve ever played at?

Arkwright: Played at 02 Birmingham last year which was great! I don’t really get to play out as much as I would like to!

Spectrum: Favourite tune so far this year?

Arkwright: What a ridiculously hard question haha, I would probably have to say Kahn FT Flowdan – Badman City.

Spectrum: What plans have you got in terms of your productions this year, future speaking? Any more releases planned?

Arkwright: Just keep trying to evolve my sound! I’ve only been producing for just coming up to 2 years now, I feel I’ve literally only just hit the tip of the iceberg, so I’m gonna just keep going!

Spectrum: What’s your workflow like for production? Do you tend to have a specific idea and work towards making it sound exactly like that or is it more of a free-flowing having a rough idea then seeing how it turns out type of thing?

Arkwright: I don’t really know, it varies a lot, sometimes I have a nice hook or melody in my head, I hum it into my phone and record it, then start from that, other times it’s a drum loop I made or maybe a nice pad that I’ve made.

Spectrum:  Where do you see yourself in the future, maybe one year from now? Where would you like to be?

Arkwright: One year from now I would like to be in a nice label as part of the family, I’d like to be playing out a hell of a lot more and hopefully have more time to make more music!

Spectrum: Thanks for your time Arkwright, and best of luck with the future!

Finally, we’ve got a free tune from the man himself. “Hunter” is a short but sweet tune, with powerful synths and a progression which builds from the word go all the way to the second drop. Check out the free download for yourself!

Facebook –!/pages/Arkwright/216593091706727?fref=ts
Soundcloud –

Written by Michael Thomas


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