Dark Sky – Confunktion / Double U (TEC069) Review


Pinch’s Tectonic is a label renowned for releasing a huge variety of bass-heavy music. Releases from Kryptic Minds all the way to Addison Groove really do reflect Pinch’s thrive for the low frequency music. A personal favourite from the label is Roska’s ‘480BC’, a really unique thumping bass piece from a usually more lighter artist. When I saw a Dark Sky release lined up for Tectonic, I knew it was going to be a real treat. The London trio appeared in late 2009, catching the eye of Bristol Label ‘Black Acre’ early on, who gave them their first 12” in early 2010 with ‘Something To loose’. From there they have firmly placed themselves on the bass-music map, with a collection of songs adding up to a really great back catalogue, a percy of which is ‘Armour’, which fast pasted technical drums make for a really interesting vibe.

The A side of the release is ‘Confunktion’, a slightly slower than usual piece but still packing a real punch. The intro is a soundscape of hazy atmosphere and clear and subdued drums, which build a false sense of security. From nowhere, the synths come and they come hard, the drop is very high energy, which works well with the darkness of the track. Before the second drop, we are taken back into the more suspenseful and airy space, before the synths come back in a slightly more varied but similarly powerful way. Through-out the percussion is on point, accompanying the bass in a subtle but effective way. This track will definitely be entering the darker areas of my sets, a brilliant 125bpm banger.

The flip side ‘Double U’ goes back towards Dark Sky’s more usual bpm, a unique sounding 140 piece with some of the best drums I’ve heard on any track for a long time. With very complicated loops throughout, and interesting use of hollow bongos combined with deeper drums, creates a very interesting sound. Later in the track, the synths are brought back out to play, but in a less aggressive manner, and more to just add depth to the already awesome drums. The piece has a very strange vibe, and could fit well into either an Addison groove style 135bpm set, or even into a more funky dubstep set.

Overall, this great release provides two really good tunes, which both bring very different vibes to the table. Looking forward to seeing what Dark Sky have planned for the future, and what else Pinch has chosen for his label next!

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