Distro – Need You (#SPK001)


I met Distro, Curits Blaylock, DJing around Birmingham at the beginning of the year as half of the duo ‘Kairos’, and was instantly impressed by some of the pieces the two of them had produced. When looking for tracks appropriate for the blog, Curt was one of the first people I contacted and he got back to me very quickly with this unique 130 banger from his solo project ‘Distro’. I’d heard a few more experimental pieces from Curtis, and he has been making dubstep through Distro for the past few months. This tune is the first exploration into up-tempo electronica from him and it is a real catch.

‘Need You’ starts with a build-up of vocal samples and bongos, working together perfectly to create a really great atmosphere. As it progresses, tension mounts and it builds to a great crescendo, crashing down into a mash of heavy beats and powerful synths. A really great high energy 130 piece, and I am seriously looking forward to seeing what Distro can produce in the future.

Grab the piece for free below, and make sure to stay tuned for #SPK002!



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