Dusky “Nobody Else EP” Review



London duo Dusky make a very unique blend of UK Garage and house fused with euphoric build ups and big powerful drops which for me so far, has really been making them stand out. Releases have been coming thick and fast since mid-2011, and they show no sign of stopping with announcements and releases across the board, and a collection of unreleased tracks on Youtube any artist would be very proud of.  The Nobody Else EP was announced on reputable house label “Aus Music” a few months ago, and ever since I heard the title track I knew it was going to be a truly special release.

“Nobody Else”, and has been floating around Swamp 81 and School sets since late last year, however it is yet to get old in my opinion. The female power-ballad vocals suit the gritty UK garage bass line perfectly, creating a very hard hitting piece of music, which still holds true to the house vibes Dusky always seem to maintain in their music. With rolling drops throughout and variation from the first 32 bars, it is easy to see why Dusky are at the forefront of UK bass music currently.

The next track, and by far one of my favourite pieces of music to surface this year, is “What I Never Knew”, receiving support from the likes of Klose One and Paleman, and quite rightly so. This atmospheric roller again takes influence from all areas of bass music, with a piercingly euphoric build up coupled with manipulated vocals and teased drops, finally resulting in a hard hitting bass and techy clicks over the top. This will be in my sets for months, if not years to come.


Bringing a slightly darker vibe, “Atone” builds up with female vocals but drops into a powerful and weighty place. The intelligent use of repetitive vocals and overbearing cowbell really gives this piece an intense vibe few tunes can reach without sounding cluttered. The percussion throughout varies nicely, giving it a real sense musical flow.

Dusky’s ability to hover between genres creates a very unique sound, one I believe many attempt to reach but often fall short. The final piece in this quad-threat puzzle is “Dummy”, a perfect example of garage drum loops being using in conjunction with hard hitting bass kicks to create a fresh sounding piece of UK Bass music which refuses to conform to any categories, and smashes any dance floor with a decent crowd. Throughout, vacant sounding vocals are used to create a dark and almost evil atmosphere, the perfect contrast to the first two tunes.

Overall this is one of my favourite releases of the year, after his hour on Rinse FM recently I have been eagerly awaiting this release, and it is as brilliant as I had hoped. You can catch Dusky across the US at the moment, seeing them returning to the UK in May. Expect big things from this duo across the coming year, and hopefully plenty more tunes like “What I Never Knew”.

Written By Michael Thomas.

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