Fornax – Desolate/Unconscious (KAIUM002) Review

RELEASED 01/04/13Image

Kaium Records are the specialists when it comes to diving deeper and darker into the dubstep genre, supplying listeners with the uprising ‘dungeon’ sound many producers are striving towards currently. Although the label is within fresh grounds, they have already quickly established themselves. It really is inspirational to see more labels like this one sprouting through the cracks, increasing the size of the industry, providing more underrated artists with the deserved opportunity to release their tracks. With Widowmaker featuring on the first release on the label, projecting tracks with ultimate depth and complexity; Kaium002 brings forth Fornax. Well-known for his collaboration with Content, under the alias of FNC, the two have been churning out tracks filled with imagination and futuristic sounds.

Both tracks on the release are an example of Fornax’s distinctive style, indulging your mind with warping organic samples, sharp highs and rupturing bass-lines.

The first track entitled ‘Desolate’ carries a gripping, suspense filled intro, combining layered space bred samples. As the drop is unleashed a dark essence engulfs the room, before driving into a medley of trembling sounds, which you’d imagine an alien life-form to produce. The eloquently placed highs slice through the bass distorting bars, forming this destructive roller. Without a doubt, this track isn’t for the light-minded, displaying further diversity to delve deeper into the dubstep genre.

is on the flip of the release. It’s so difficult to choose a favourite between the two tracks as both carrying such a vicious flow and rhythm, yet differ in style completely. This one explores more into the minimalistic style, dusted with a slight techno edge. This is a perfect example of Fornax experimenting with different samples and compiling a bobbling track, with a bouncing bass-line. Again, the production quality is immaculate, with the delicate highs flowing throughout the track, providing real movement and energy. It certainly branches away from the previous track filled with darkness, to bring a more lighter, and mind expansive track.

The digitally exclusive track ‘Imprinted’, produced by FNC takes a whole different dimension. You’ll be happy to know that alongside the vinyl purchase on Surus, you will also receive all the digital tracks, including this little treat. In my opinion these two together are the ones to watch, delivering lethal sounds, fabricated in the darkest of abattoirs. I’ve been looking forward to this one seeing the light of day since I first heard it. It just contains everything you want in a track; with the daunting vocal sample in the intro, vigorous bass-line and growling noises, making this a perfect track for the head-bobbers.

Without a doubt this record label has huge things to come, so go support the label, the artists and the music, using the links below. Be sure to get yourself a vinyl/digital copy when this comes out on 01/04/13.




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