System001 – Asteroids EP Preview


As soon as the needle hit the wax, I knew my decision to queue outside System’s first birthday for two hours to ensure I got this vinyl early was worth it. As soon as Vivek mentioned there were 15 available, I knew one would be in my bag.

With one of the most unique styles of any artist in the dubstep genre, and with a delicious back catalogue of releases on both Deep Medi, and Pinch’s renowned label Tectonic, it has now become time for Vivek to push his sound through his own label “System:Sound”, and the Asteroids EP is the perfect track to begin with. Although all 3 tracks are based around the title track, each echoes through your soul in its own beautiful way, and the content feels as full as any 3 stand-alone tracks could.

The title piece, “Asteroids”, has been destroying dance floors for a year, maybe more, and I thought it had been forgotten about once the Mel Dymond vocal track appeared. The opening few seconds take you straight into the dark empty space in which Asteroids dwells, dark clashes and ancient sounds. Vivek is a master of atmosphere, and Asteroids is absolutely drenched in euphoria, its relentless build up takes your mind to another place, along an airy soundscape through the deepest galaxy. Probably one of my favourite dubplates, and so happy to see it as the debut release for System:Sound.

System Aniversary-10

The first time I heard “Over My Head”, I was absolutely blown away that a song so full of dark rapture could be made so tranquil with such subtle changes and the addition of vocals. It has to be mentioned, a huge thank you to Mel Dymond for providing such stunning singing for this release, it is truly the only way in which a remix of the original could have been justified. Moving away from dark emptiness, “Over My Head” is a thought provoking emotional track, which stands alone from Asteroids perfectly as its own piece.

Finally Vivek chose the Om Unit remix of the Mel Dymonds vocal interpretation, and this half-paced re-make takes the singing back to a more vacant feel, but still keeps the emotional elements going strong. This unique track was a huge but pleasant surprise which brings the release together nicely.

Big up Vivek for forwarding such unique sounds, and Spectrum eagerly awaits System002.

System001 will be available to buy from all good vinyl dealerships from the 25th of March

Preorders on both Surus and Red Eye:

System:Sound Facebook:

Contact Vivek:

Written by Michael Thomas


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