Space Dimension Controller – Welcome to Mikrosector-50 (RS1303D) Review


Space Dimension Controller’s 2nd album, this time on the prestigious R&S Records, is exactly what I was hoping for and more. Belfast’s own Jack Hamill presents a 13 track concept album of galactic funk sprinkled with cool narration by “Mr 8040” and conversations between the characters in his ever expanding world. It is rammed full of beats that just make you want to dance. The ‘80s synths and funky bass throughout are nostalgic yet with that futuristic twist which we’ve come to expect from SDC.

The film based concept of the album starts with the 17 second Feature Presentation which is literally just a jingle which leads into the first actual tune; 2357 A.D.. This ethereal intro builds  you up to the cosmic groove of Mr 8040’s Introduction which is a brilliant track of booming 808’s and cool as hell synths. The song proudly declares “I’m Space Dimension Controller and time travel is my thing” and this very much sets the tone for things to come.

Over 5 minutes in and you’ve not really heard much in the way of songs, I really don’t mean this in a bad way, and finally we’re given the 7 minute title track, Welcome To Mikrosector-50, and what a track it is. Slap bass and fast paced grooves keep this track rumbling along with all the style and charm that you could imagine.

A Lonely Flight To EruDru-10 is a futuristic soundscape that I personally found quite captivating and provides more diversity to this already diverse album. The highlight of this brilliant offering for me, however, is Rising which is a more techno minded club tune, with pounding percussion from start to finish with overlaid atmospherics and synths that morph throughout the song.

The Love Quadrant is a slower jam with laid back vibes and chilled out vocals that you just can’t help but relax and groove to and the sweeping piano work is just sublime. The album closes with Back Through Time With A Mission Of Groove and it certainly delivers on that title. It’s another thumping number with bass that just make you groove and finishes things off with a fists in the air onslaught.

It’s hard to imagine a dance floor not being completely packed to most of these tracks, whether that’s some middle aged women at a wedding or twenty-somethings in a sweaty, underground club. You really don’t hear album’s like this enough, especially within today’s electronic music scene and I foresee that this album will be on repeat for quite some time.

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Written by Andy Brennan


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