Seven – Walter White/MediEvil (UA003)



Seven, has been predominant in the 140 scene for quite a while now. His immense production skills displayed when crafting his ‘Evolution LP’; released on Black Box Records last year, launched the artist deeper into the scene and grabbed the attention of various major artists within the field. With several guest mixes on Youngsta’s show, you could easily detect his potential, through his precise production skills and vast mixing ability. Unknown to most, behind the scenes he was not only developing his style, but constructing the record label ‘Uprise Audio’, which would soon immerse the scene in a fresh futuristic sound. All the members of the Uprise Audio family helped establish the label quickly and sign up various artists whom deliver the unique sound to fit the agenda. With two mind-blowing releases already on the label; UA001 featuring tracks from Dubtek and UA002 including tracks from Asylum, the label has imprinted themselves firmly within the dubstep scene. Everyone’s hard work in relation to the labels high-rising status paid off when the label was presented with the ‘Best new label’ award in the Dubstep Forum Awards 2013. Seven’s debut release on the label highlights his ease to progress his sound, and delve into the darker side of the genre.

The first track on the release entitled ‘Walter White’ is a prime example of Seven’s immaculate production, with his extensive tuning of samples, to create this free flowing masterpiece. The track impels listeners instantly when it’s injected into a mix, with the distinct vocals constantly flowing throughout the bars, combined with a flurry of biting high hats. The snapping snares colliding with the bouncing bass during the drop, constructs an enduring roller. As the track progresses, the vocal sample withers and lunges into a deep bass trembling track. This is easily one of his biggest productions; containing elements of mass euphoria, laced with various dark components, delivering unmistakeable depth.

‘MediEvil’ has certainly been overlooked during the overwhelming anticipation surrounding this release. It really is difficult to decide which out of the two tracks takes centre stage production wise, as both are perfectly constructed. Taking a darker approach, Seven throws listeners into a deathly chasm using atmospheric synths fused with delicate high hats. The drop brings forth a coarse bass-driven track, riddled with growling samples, yet still maintains the intro synths dotted precisely throughout.

On ‘Tension Builds’ Seven displays his diversity to change style, he brings forth this bongo bursting track, which sends you into a state of revelation. He again places a variety of different samples, flawlessly refined to complete this thumping track. Although not on the vinyl itself, it is still available whether you buy on digital or vinyl.









Vinyl –

Digital –

Written by Drew Jones


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