Shapes Presents: The Masked Ball ft Julian Jeweil Review

For a night that’s been regularly praised as not just being about the music, they certainly do put on some good music. Julian Jeweil’s live set was outstanding and Dexter Kane’s deep grooving house had room 2 getting down.


As always the aesthetic of the night was great with some great visuals and everyone happily donning some weird and wonderful masks. I was there with some friends celebrating a birthday so decided to really commit to the masked ball theme. I’ll take any excuse to don any form of fancy dress and I wasn’t the only one. So, all decked in masks and looking sharp there was a lot of excitement.

The event took place at Factory Studios which was a nice change and other than the crowding in the corridor between the rooms it was a brilliant venue, avoiding the obvious pitfalls of bar and toilet queues. Though at one point a switch was accidently turned off by someone in the crowd which turned off the sound system in room 2, this was quickly fixed and as far as I know only happened once.

With the venue, the theme and the great music there was an amazing energy in the venue and everyone was really in the party mood, which always helps. It can be quite difficult to find a friendly, warm atmosphere within the house and techno scene of a city but at all of the events I’ve been to Shapes have really shown that they have it.


Despite having only heard a couple of Julian Jeweil tunes when the event was announced, what I had heard plus the stuff I’d been listening to leading up to the night had me very hyped. The man definitely delivered with a technically brilliant live set and I was very happy that even in the deepest of techno the whole room was still dancing and very much into it.


Dexter Kane’s work I was a bit more familiar with going into the night having listened to his recent Back In The Days EP quite significantly. For me, he definitely lived up to expectations and delivered an hour and a half of amazing deep house to a rammed room who loved every moment of it.

As always, Shapes really put a lot of thought and effort into selecting this line up and it paid off to a large degree. On top of these great bookings the Shapes djs themselves were brilliant as always, warming the party up and keeping it going to the early hours.

Generally, it was just a really great party.

Check Shapes out on facebook here:


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