Wen – Commotion EP (LDN035) Review


Wen’s deep brand of grime/dubstep/garage has garnered a lot of support from all over during the past 12 months and this 4 track EP on Dusk and Blackdown’s Keysound Recordings really shows why. The tunes are best described as UK bass music and you can truly hear the influences from all aspects of the current UK scene.

This EP has so much that could be considered nostalgic, with the space and weight that could easily be a dubstep tune from ’06 and some synth lines that could certainly be from a grime classic, but the outcome still sounds up to date and even innovative. The vocal samples from Dot Rotten, Wiley and Trim honestly do bring so much to these tunes. Though infrequently used, they give the tracks that little bit more dancefloor power and this brings them from dark, bedroom listening to rave killers.

Commotion has been available on Wen’s soundcloud for quite some time but that doesn’t detract from the clinical precision of the tracks icy bassline and sharp drum patterns. For me personally, Road is the highlight here with that deep, rumbling, eyes down bassline and the deeply minimalistic approach.

Although not actually on the EP, the commotion VIP is definitely worth mentioning. Recently heard on 1xtra during a DJ Barely Legal mix feat. Wiley, Scratchy, Riko Dan and God’s Gift, it’s a much rowdier and hyped up version of the original. Listen here:

Check out Wen’s music on soundcloud:


And purchase the Commotion EP here:


Written by Andy Brennan


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